Be the Coolest Parent on the Block by Adding These 10 Things to Your Teen’s Room

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Every teenager wants a cool room. They want a chill place to hang out with their friends, listen to music, do hobbies and, if you’re lucky, do homework. Capturing that teen style is all a matter of tapping into the latest trends and putting yourself in your teen’s shoes. What would he want in his room?

While plenty of teens would love a huge room complete with a walk-in closet, a personal bathroom and a snack bar, that isn’t always realistic. Here are 10 easy ways to update your teen’s room and make it his/her favourite place to hang out.

Hip Furniture

Steer clear of traditional and old-style furniture. Teens are into hip furniture with clean lines and a casual look. Look for pieces that provide both function and style and that aren’t reminiscent of your grandmother’s furniture. Things like comfy chairs, modern light fixtures and stylish headboards are perfect.

For an eclectic look, you can gather pieces you already have or from thrift stores and give them a hip make over with new paint and new hardware. This option also makes it possible to personalise furniture and make it one-of-a-kind art.

Creative Art

Teens like art that is new and creative. You can add a lot of style to a teen’s room by adding modern art, promotional movie posters or band posters. Geometric and “young” wallpapers are also perfect for a teen’s room and it’s really easy to remove an old wallpaper and apply a new one on your own.

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If your child is creative, let him/her paint the bedroom’s walls or make his/her own wall art with some big canvases and colourful paints. Letting your son/daughter participate in decorating his/her room gives him/her a chance to make it what he/she wants and lets him/her express his/her feelings and personality throughout the room.

A Hang-Out Area

All teens want a hang-out area in their room. They want to be able to invite their friends over and have a place to sit around to talk about the latest gossip or party on the weekend. Create a hang-out area in your teen’s bedroom by adding a few chairs, beanbag chairs or floor cushions. Define the area with a rug and add some lighting and a table for magazines and soda.

Entertainment Station

To really make your teen excited about his/her bedroom, add an entertainment station. Designate a corner of the room for things like video games, music and movies. Complete the area with equipment like a CD player, television and DVD player. If you want to be the mum or dad everyone wants, add a mini-fridge for cold sodas and snacks.

A desk can double as an entertainment area for using the computer and a homework area. Find a desk that fits the style of the room and add a lamp and comfortable chair and your teen has his/her own computer area for entertainment and work.

Personalised Wall Colours

Let your teens make their room their own by letting them help choose the paint colours for the walls and actually painting the walls on their own. Let them go bold and bright or pastel, and opt for something different than what the rest of the home looks like. There are few better ways to personalise a teen’s room than by using a wall colour that really stands out.

You can get creative or use wall colours to define spaces by painting accent walls or using different colours for features like trim and wainscoting. You can also use removable wall decals to add words, phrases or image to the walls. One of the benefits of using these is that they can be easily changed out as your child’s personality changes or if he/she wants to go with a new look.

Privacy to the Max

If your teen is anything like every other teen, he/she wants privacy. Add this to the bedroom by using funky curtains and an area for getting ready in the morning. If the room doesn’t have a private bath, you can still create some privacy by adding a full-length mirror or vanity area, that he/she doesn’t have to share, where he/she can try on as many outfits as he/she wants before he/she heads out for a night with friends.

Room for Hobbies

Having space for hobbies is a dream come true for many teens. Customise your teenager’s room for his/her hobbies so he/she can spread out and get messy without having to clean things up every time he/she gets out his models, art or music.

This feature will vary depending on what kind of hobby you are accommodating, but think long tables and adding extra lighting, a music stand, storage space and a comfy chair.

Space for all Their Stuff

Most teens have a lot of stuff, and you can make all the other kids in the neighbourhood jealous by providing plenty of storage space so your son/daughter can store everything in his/her own private place. One easy way to do this is to add shelving units to the walls. But, don’t just add any old shelves. Thing creatively and use something unique, like a ladder turned to bookcase, to add some wall storage. You can also use fabric bins, baskets, lockers or an old dresser made new with a coat of bright paint to add more storage.

Room for Creativity

Does your teen cover every square inch of his/her walls with posters, school memorabilia and photos? Encourage your teen’s creativity with things like bulletin boards, magnet boards, photo display pieces and even chalkboard paint on the walls. The more your teen can personalise his/her room, the cooler it will be.

Plenty of Style

Creating a teen’s dream bedroom all comes down to letting his or her personality show through. Don’t let things like white walls, boring furniture and expected artwork put a cramp in your teen’s style. Use bright colours and get creative by highlighting special features in the room and giving him/her plenty of space to get creative and make the room his/her own.

By adding features like fun wall colours, an entertainment area, space to hang out and room for hobbies, you can make the room of your teen’s dreams a reality.

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