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Flexible Air Conditioning Solutions

Whatever size or type of property you need to keep cool, All Seasons Hire can provide the ideal solution from our huge range of temporary cooling equipment. Suitable for a range of environments, our cooling range includes portable air conditioners, split type PAC units and evaporative coolers.

Exhaust Tube - These cost effective units eject the heat removed from the room as hot air through an exhaust tube. Simple to operate these air conditioners just need plugging into a standard power socket, and the exhaust tube pointed out of a window or into a ceiling void, and they start cooling immediately.

Split Type - Consisting of separate indoor and outdoor units connected by up to 30 metres of water line, this is the most effective type of portable air conditioning. These PAC units are ideal for use in critical temperature control applications, such as data centre cooling.

Evaporative Coolers - Offering a standalone option with no need to duct removed heat to the outside these units use the process of evaporation to add a level of cooling to increased air movement. Due to this these units are the perfect choice for retail environments where opening windows are uncommon.

Ventilation Fans - When only air movement is required these low cost fans are the perfect choice.

Our expert team can help to guide you when choosing the right solutions for your requirements, and they’ll take care of the full install and decommissioning process.


Temporary Chiller Hire Solutions

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