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All Seasons Hire, part of the HSS Group, can provide temporary heating for areas of any size or type, utilising one of the UK’s largest and most diverse hire fleets of space heaters. With such a comprehensive range available including electric fan heaters, radiators, direct fired gas blowers and indirect fired diesel heaters there is an option for any application.

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Our heating services include:

Electric, gas or diesel powered
Electric heaters - 2.5kW to 80kW  
Direct fired heaters - 28kW to 100kW  
Indirect fired heaters - 4kW to 220kW  
Modern fleet of equipment  
Full specification service  
Free site surveys  
On site installation  
24/7 Breakdown service  
Boiler packages available for heating large areas  


Heating Install Service

Through All Seasons Hire a complete installation service is available for any heating requirement large or small, this includes full management from design specification through to de-installation and collection of the equipment.

This service includes everything from specification of the ideal equipment package through delivery and installation to removal of the equipment at the end of the hire period. This service ensures the most appropriate, efficient equipment is used as well as the installation works being handled by expert engineers. Where required free site surveys are carried out to ensure the correct equipment is selected and a smooth installation is achieved.


Space Heater Types

  1. Oil Filled Radiator - Ideal for use in offices and domestic environments these radiators plug into a standard socket and slowly heat up to provide warmth from convection.

  2. Infra red - These heaters do not provide space heating but instead produce infra red heat that warms objects and people directly in front of the unit. This makes them a great choice for large areas where it’s not practical to heat the entire space.

  3. Electric Fan Heater - Available in a range of heating outputs these fan heaters combine air movement from a fan with a resistive heating element.

  4. Direct Fired - Great for providing large amounts of heat, these simple heaters are ideal for use in large well ventilated areas such as warehouses and workshops.

  5. Indirect Fired - These heaters keep the fumes from the fuel completely separate from the heated air. Designed to be located outside of the area they heat IDF heaters are the ultimate in portable heating. These features makes them ideal for use at events and on temporary structures such as marquees.


HSS also provide a wide range of direct fuel, indirect fuel and electric heaters. View our full range here.

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