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Come Rain or Shine Keep Your Projects Going

Whatever the weather keep your projects running smoothly and box off your tasks with our extensive range of outdoor kit. Whether you're redecorating indoors, or breathing new life into your outdoor space we've got the deals and kit you'll need.

​​​Getting the equipment you need is as...

Easy As HSS

Carpet Cleaner

This lightweight, portable spray extraction carpet cleaner is ideal for domestic carpets in households and small offices.

Professional Wallpaper Stripper

The fast effective way to remove all types of wallpaper, vinyl, woodchip and decorative wallcoverings leaving a clean surface for redecoration, without damaging the plaster.

Floor & Edge Sander Hire Pack

The heavy-duty drum floor sander removes imperfections, old finishes and most decorative stains while the edging sander allows you to get right up to the skirting board to tackle those hard to reach edges.

Tile Saw Bench

This Tile Saw Bench offers less risk of chipping your tiles, it is a wet saw for single-person transport and set up. A stainless steel rail system is integrated into the tile saw frame, ensuring accurate cuts.


£76.00/ day

Cordless Power Plane

This cordless planer has excellent performance per battery charge and combines high accuracy with ease of use. It has an ergonomic handle with soft grip for convenient and safe planing.


£36.53/ day

Drywall Sanding Kit

Whether you are sanding joints in plasterboard or removing old finishes, this purpose-made, 5-speed plaster-sander tackles the job up to four times faster than conventional methods


£90.39/ day

Light Vibrating Plates

Our Light Vibrating Plate is perfect for compacting hardcore, sand or gravel. It has low hand-arm vibration design for longer safe usage times. This vibrating plate is easy to manoeuvre and control, the base plate does not dig in when dragged or turned.


£30.00/ day

Cut Off Saw

These saws are the professional choice. Lightweight and ergonomic, with an outstanding power-to-weight ratio and exceptionally low vibrations mean you can work for longer without having to worry about vibration monitoring.


£24.00/ day

Power Digger

The Power Digger Rotavator produces excellent results by breaking up soil and earth quickly and easily on previously cultivated ground.


£40.80/ day

110v Tip Up Mixer

The rotating, tilting stand of this mixer allows you to mix up to 85 litres of concrete or mortar and tip it straight into a barrow. It will mix 85 litres in approximately 6 Minutes


MiTower One-Person Quick Build Tower comes self-contained in its own transport and storage pack making it easily fit through standard doorways and into a small van.

Hilti TE2000 Medium Duty Breaker

The Hilti TE 2000 AVR Medium Duty Breaker delivers powerful performance equal to competitor breakers in the 30 Kg weight class, at virtually half the weight. It can break up to 3 tons of concrete an hour.