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Best Pressure Washers of 2023: Choosing The Right One For Your Needs

May 2nd 2023

Do you need to pressure or jet wash a dirty porch or patio at home to get rid of stubborn stains? Are your work tools and vehicles encrusted in a thick layer of persistent grime? Or is your car or van due for a much-needed clean? Here at HSS Hire, we offer a wide range of the best pressure washers on the market, available to rent at affordable price points, so you can well and truly get the job done.

Pressure washers are a great patio cleaner and can also be used as a far more effective alternative to a garden hose when giving your garden furniture a new lease of life. 

Similarly, they are a fantastic washer for cars and do a far more precise job than your conventional drive-thru car wash service.

But with a wide variety of pressure washers available on the market, which one is going to be the right one for the job? At HSS Hire, we’re here to help. As your pressure washer experts, this handy guide will delve deep into our wide range of power washers on offer, so that you can confidently select one that’s just right for you.

Pressure washer - HSS Hire

Compact Hot Washer: Pros, Cons, and Uses

The compact hot washer is a portable pressure washer that is perfectly sized for easy transportation in your estate car or van. 

  • At a highly affordable price point, this budget pressure washer features a simple hot/cold on/off switch, letting you easily alternate between temperatures, providing a hot or cold jet of water for improved cleaning performance; allowing you to clean a wide range of surfaces.
  • The compact hot washer is perfect for everyday small to medium tasks such as hosing down patio furniture or delicate surfaces and can easily be connected to the mains water supply. 
  • Although not ideal for industrial-scale jobs, this compact pressure washer offers the perfect cleaning power for freshening up almost any outdoor surface, or small to medium-sized vehicles, with a pinpoint accurate trigger gun.

Petrol Fuelled Pressure Washer: Pros, Cons, and Uses

This handy pressure washer is a highly mobile petrol pressure washer mounted in a tubular steel cage frame. 

  • Due to it being powered by petrol, this small but powerful machine is ideal for removing stubborn dirt when there is no power supply available and can operate for up to two hours on a single tank of fuel.
  • This 150 Bar petrol cordless pressure washer has a wide variety of applications which put it at an advantage over a conventional electric pressure washer. 
  • With plenty of power, this washer is ideal for use in outdoor furniture, agriculture, forestry, or construction, due to it being a cordless option. 

However, much like the compact hot washer, it is better suited to small to medium tasks, so is perhaps restricted when it comes to large-scale jobs due to its compact size and somewhat limited fuel capacity when compared to larger industrial pressure washers.

Industrial Bowser Petrol Pressure Washer: Pros, Cons, and Uses 

This powerful pressure washer, whilst a more expensive model, is ideal for use in a wide range of industries including construction, plant cleaning, as well as large-scale domestic and commercial settings.

  • Unrivalled in its strength and durability, and offering adjustable pressure and a wider spray, this mobile bowser is well equipped to deal with essentially any large-scale task, weighing in at almost 2,000kg when full. 
  • As expected, due to their behemoth size, these industrial-sized pressure washers are perhaps not so well equipped for dealing with small to medium domestic jobs, where a more compact, easy-to-manoeuvre, pressure washer would be more appropriate. 
  • That being said, for large-scale cleaning tasks, these giant, high-water pressure washers offer unparalleled efficiency and will guarantee a job well done.

Electric Pressure Washer: Pros, Cons, and Uses 

This small and portable pressure washer is ideal for dealing with fiddly tasks that cannot be remedied by using a conventional hosepipe. 

  • At a highly affordable price point with HSS Hire, and often available to rent on the same day, the electric pressure washer can be easily manoeuvred into intricate spaces and can effortlessly remove traffic film, grease, moss, grime, and even oil with its focused spray gun and adjustable nozzle.
  • This makes it the ideal pressure washer for small to medium domestic and commercial tasks such as cleaning vehicles and stubborn surfaces.
  • Whilst it is not best suited to large-scale industrial applications, this pressure washer will be able to tackle most day-to-day tasks with ease, and at such a great price point, you really can’t go wrong.

Portable Cold Water High Pressure Jetting Unit: Pros, Cons, and Uses 

This compact pressure washer can be easily manoeuvred by a single person and is well-equipped to clean a wide range of objects and surfaces, whether it be in a domestic or commercial setting. 

  • Like the previous portable pressure washers mentioned, it comes in at a very competitive price point, featuring powerful cold water jets that cut through grime and dirt like a hot knife through butter, making it the perfect choice for general cleaning applications.
  • Although this pressure washer is designed with overall cleaning in mind, its lack of hot water features means that it does not have the same level of performance as a compact hot washer, which is the compromise of a cheaper price point. 
  • Similarly, it lacks the strength of the more robust, industrial pressure washers, meaning it is not so well suited to large-scale tasks. 

But if you’re after something simple, affordable, and easy to use, this unit delivers high power levels and max pressure, making it the ideal pick for most simple cleaning jobs.

Hot Pressure Washer: Pros, Cons, and Uses 

If you’re looking for something ideal to use in an industrial setting at a competitive price point, then look no further than a robust hot pressure washer.

  • Boasting more power than the smaller, portable domestic cleaners, this pressure washer delivers impressive performance without compromising on size. 
  • Whilst not as large as the bowser variants of pressure washers, this machine is still compact enough to allow for easy manoeuvrability and is ideal for use in an industrial setting.
  • Featuring a powerful pressure setting and streamlined jet washers, this high-end pressure washer is incredibly efficient at scale cleaning and removing grease, and is guaranteed to leave any surface completely spotless.

Due to its high power, however, the hot pressure washer is perhaps unsuited for smaller, more precise jobs such as cleaning garden furniture. As a more specialised unit, this pressure washer finds itself more suited to larger-scale industrial settings, so may not be appropriate if you simply wish to clean your car.

Best pressure washer - HSS Hire

Diesel Pressure Washer: Pros, Cons, and Uses 

Diesel pressure washers are powerful tools, boasting the ability to output 15 litres of water per minute, with an added degreasing agent, to cut through all types of dirt, ensuring a spotless surface every time.

Offering a practical solution to on-site and isolated cleaning issues, the cordless diesel-powered pressure washer has many advantages over its electrical alternatives, including the ability to operate in surroundings without sockets, and without the need for wires. 

Much like its petrol-powered counterpart, the diesel pressure washer is a great solution for those wishing to clean outdoor or remote environments, and is therefore preferable over the more conventional, wired washers in that regard. 

Diesel powered washers are cheaper to run than their petrol-based alternatives but can be heavier and sometimes less powerful as a compromise. On the other hand, a diesel-based pressure washer is always superior to an electrical option in terms of overall general performance, meaning they are well worth the money in the long run and can perform a far more comprehensive range of cleaning tasks.

Discover the power of HSS pressure washers – Hire today 

As your pressure washer experts, here at HSS Hire, we have a variety of jet and power washers available to suit the needs of everyone, no matter the size or scale of the project. 

Our powerful, best-on-the-market, pressure washers and cleaners are suitable for domestic, commercial, and industrial use; offering a quick cleaning solution at highly competitive prices you simply will not find elsewhere. 

Through renting our top-of-the-range equipment, you can ensure that you are minimising your costs, whilst at the same time maximising the efficiency of your cleaning, without the need for the additional storage space that comes with purchasing an often-expensive pressure washer.

Should you so need it, our pressure washers can be supplied with additional pressure washing accessories or as stand-alone cleaning units, providing you with a truly bespoke service. Our equipment has been thoroughly tested by professionals to ensure that it operates at the highest possible standard, guaranteeing that you can get the job done.

No one does it quite like HSS Hire. Browse our extensive range of pressure washers and accessories for hire, and contact us today to find out more.

We also offer a range of pressure washers and jet wash accessories for sale from some of the best known brands such as Karcher. Ideal if you want complete flexibility with when you want to do your cleaning up.

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