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6 Tasks for a Productive Bank Holiday Weekend

August 22nd 2019

Whilst we all hope for a warm bank holiday weekend, it isn’t always the case. Usually a bank holiday is a good opportunity to get some well-needed DIY jobs done around the home. When the weather is playing fair, there are plenty of tasks which can be completed both in and outdoors this bank holiday.

It is a great opportunity to get through some well needed maintenance tasks as well as doing some cleaning and repair work.

Indoor Projects

Touch Up the Paintwork

Having a quiet weekend at home is a great time to give it a new lease of life by touching up any damaged paintwork or even having complete revamp if you wish. The long weekend means that tackling a painting task allows for up to three days for the paint to dry or for other decorating work to take place, without feeling rushed.

Deep Clean

General cleaning is enough for the most part, but it can be a good idea to have a thorough deep clean. The bank holiday weekend is a great time to get the whole place deep cleaned; from the surfaces to the carpets. Everything has plenty of time to dry and get a good clean in time before work on Tuesday morning.

Flooring and Restoration

Projects which often have to be put on hold are ones where people can get in the way, this includes things such as sanding the floors or having the floors restored. ITake advantage of a quiet one and use the Bank Holiday weekend to get jobs like this underway and completed.

Outdoor Projects

Maintenance Jobs

Keeping on top of maintenance tasks is important, it helps to prevent big repairs at inconvenient times. Often it can be hard to find a good time to perform these general maintenance tasks as they can sometimes be long and laborious, but having the bank holiday to carry out these jobs is useful as it means you have more time to be able to handle these.

Other smaller maintenance tasks which can often be disruptive are things such as cleaning up the outdoors with a pressure washer. The long weekend gives plenty of time to give the decking or driveway a thorough clean. 

Summer House

If you’ve been considering creating an outdoor living space, the bank holiday weekend could be the perfect time to get started. With time for the final preparations, beginning the build, or making the last little touches, the summer bank holiday presents a suitable amount of time to work on it.

If you already have a summer house, you could use the bank holiday to give it a little revamp; whether you’re topping up on the paint or giving it a deep clean, the extended weekend can prove productive for getting these tasks done.

Prepare for the Changing Season

Although British summertime doesn’t officially end until 23rd September, for many the August bank holiday weekend marks the end of summer; it is when the kids go back to school and we all start thinking ahead to the festive period. Everything picks up again in September, so the bank holiday weekend is a great time to prepare for the changing seasons

Things such as trimming hedges and trees, which can be time consuming, are fantastic jobs to complete over the bank holiday. Sprucing up your garden will help prolong the summer feeling, whilst prepping for the falling leaves in autumn.

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