ASH Accelerate Screed Drying Process at £13m Hospital Extension

All Seasons Hire have recently assisted contractors during the final stages of completion of a multi million pound hospital extension.

The client wanted help to accelerate the drying of screed throughout various sections of the building and All Seasons Hire were called in to provide the perfect solution. The drying of screed is a delicate process and one that requires great care. The site’s underfloor heating pipework had been laid and taken through to manifolds within the boiler room, however the boiler itself had not yet been installed so a temporary system was required. The site was surveyed and a 100kW Boiler installed and connected to the system allowing the various sections of screed to be carefully dried out, gradually increasing the temperature from 20 to 50 degrees over 2 week periods to avoid cracking and defects in the screed. The boiler was installed without fuss and quickly connected allowing the process to begin and ensure the appropriate drying phases for the screed to set in the correct way.

The 100kW Boiler

The 100kW Boiler used is a very flexible unit and is the ideal solution for situations where space is tight. This compact unit can also provide both heating and domestic hot water for low duty requirements whilst only taking up a small footprint of available space. In addition to its space saving attributes the compact design and low weight of this boiler makes transportation to and from site a far simpler task.

22kW Electric Boiler

For total flexibility on construction sites the 22kW Electric Boiler is the perfect rental boiler for low output applications.

This boiler produces 22kW of heating duty from a 415 volt three-phase electrical supply and is very popular with contractors for the purpose of floor screed drying during building projects. Utilising the underfloor heating system to dry out the floor screed can save valuable time during the construction process. By hiring this electric boiler you do not need to wait for the permanent plant room to be installed before using the underfloor heating system.

All Seasons Hire can help contractors on construction sites in many ways, please contact us to see how we can help you.

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