Bespoke Boiler Solution Required For London University

When a wing of the Marylebone Campus was to be refurbished the M&E contractor realised that the existing plant room, which was due to be relocated to a different part of the building not only covered a now unoccupied part of the building, but also a large occupied student accommodation block.

A temporary solution was required to cover the relocation but as the site was situated in the heart of London space was at a premium. The only possible location for the equipment was under the student accommodation which had effectively been built on stilts to provide underground parking.

When surveying the project All Seasons Hire quickly realised that an “Off the Shelf” packaged Boiler would not be suitable and that a bespoke solution would be required to allow the project to proceed. To fit underneath the building and accommodate the flues a bespoke low profile container was designed with a large flue dilution fan mounted to the top of the container. Once built the Boilers were “Skated” under the building by a specialist machinery removal company. All Seasons Hire engineers then attached steel duct to the underside of the roof and connected it to the Boiler and flue dilution fans. The duct work terminated at the building boundary in a diffuser designed to steer the warm air upwards. To ensure the system met stringent gas safety regulations interlocks were installed between the burner and flue dilution system, ensuring that should the system fail the burner would immediately turn off.

A bespoke telemetry system was also installed to monitor not only the units operation but also system emissions.

The clients water system also raised technical issues as the systems running pressure was 9.5 Bar, as standard boilers operate up to a maximum 4.5 Bar a solution was required to accommodate this. All Seasons Hire installed a 1mW Plate Heat Exchanger set, pumps and expansion system in the plant room which was then hard piped into the clients system, low pressure hoses were then run from the boilers into the basement and connected to the primary side of the plate heat exchangers.

  • 1,000kw Heating Circuit
  • System to operate at 9.5 Bar
  • Boilers to be sited underneath Student accommodation block
  • Flues to be run horizontally 10 metres then discharged at street level
  • Flue dilution system to be designed.
  • Length of hire 78 weeks

The complete project was designed, built and installed within 4 weeks of the initial site survey enabling the clients work to be carried out with minimal disruption to the project, staff and students. Why not contact us to see how we can help you with your next project?

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