Hiring an Excavator – Mini, Midi or Big?

Excavator Hire Options

Excavators are one of the most valuable pieces of equipment to have on a construction site as they can have so many uses, especially as they are available in a range of different sizes. Generally, the main uses for an excavator are digging holes, trenches and foundations however there are some further uses which the different sized excavators work great for. We have a variety of excavators for hire, in a range of sizes which all work for different sized jobs and tasks.

Micro and Mini Excavators

Micro excavators are the smallest in our range. In general micro and mini excavators are best for smaller jobs or jobs in compact space as they have the ability to perform in tight spaces. Mini excavators are often a common choice as they have the ability to perform just as well as some of their larger counterparts. Mini and micro excavators are more compact and lightweight which means they can quickly and easily be transported to various construction sites.

Midi Excavators

For slightly larger projects there are midi excavators which are generally easier to transport than the heaviest excavators but are able to perform slightly bigger jobs than the mini ones. Midi excavators tend to be a pretty common choice for most smaller excavating jobs, especially if they don’t require access to compact spaces.

Big Excavators

For the larger excavating projects, it would be advisable to hire a heavy excavator. These excavators are designed to be able to handle the bigger excavating tasks. For large scale projects which need to be excavated as quick as possible, heavy excavators are able to quickly and effectively remove debris and dig trenches and foundations.
Hiring an excavator is straightforward. All you need to do is choose the right sized excavator for your project or contact us if you need some advice on which is best for you. Then, we’ll handle the rest; we can deliver your excavator straight to your construction site or if you prefer we can arrange for you to collect your item yourself.

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