Improve efficiency with the Armorgard Cutting Station

Developing your workspace to improve efficiencies can sometimes be a conundrum. The Armorgard cutting station is essential for those looking to save on space in their workplace. The mobile cutting station is essential for for safely cutting lengths including conduit, timber, cable tray and pipe. This neat, mobile and multi-purpose cutting station is a popular item for hire. It provides great flexibility for those who don’t have a dedicated cutting space or room. As well as the benefits of the product itself, hiring one offers a lot of benefits.

No Separate Cutting Room

Having a mobile cutting station means that you don’t have to worry about having a dedicated cutting room. This  mobile solution Armorgard cutting station has everything you need to cut lengths safely and secure your tools with a 5-Lever Deadlock. The secure cabinet offers great security whilst the extendable working area accommodates even mitre saws, providing the ideal solution for cutting larger pieces of material. As the cutting station has everything you would need in a cutting room but in a compact, mobile station it is ideal especially if you are short on space

Mobile and Compact

The compact design enables you to work with more versatility without creating a specific cutting room. This efficient and cost-effective piece of equipment is the ideal solution for short term and long-term cutting needs whilst still providing great performance. The Armorgard Cutting Station is portable so it doesn’t need to be kept in one place, which will help you save on space when needed in different areas of your site.

Peace of Mind

Hiring equipment offers greater flexibility, a mobile Armorgard cutting station offers those with fewer cutting requirements maximum flexibility  as you can hire one as and when you need it rather than having to invest in the kit  for yourself. By choosing to hire a mobile Armorgard cutting station, you also have the peace of mind that the maintenance is taken care of.

Enhanced Safety

The mobile Armorgard cutting station has a variety of integral health and safety features including fire-rated, noise cancelling foam and sloping edges to help reduce noise pollution in your workplace.. As well as reduced noise, the cutting station also has rubber matting to reduce vibration and PVC curtains to containsparks; all of which help to make it an effective and efficient piece of equipment. With an integrated swarf collector, dust extractor connection point and improved lighting position to increase productivity, safety and efficiency are at the heart of this piece of kit.

Find more information about the mobile Armorgard cutting station here and book yours today

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