Cooling System Solutions for Your Business

Over the hotter months it is important that you make the necessary steps to ensuring the workplace is of a comfortable temperature. Luckily, there are a number of different cooling system solutions so there is no doubt you’ll be able to find one suited to your business. From Air Conditioners and Air-Cooled Chillers to Cooling Fans and Evaporative Coolers there are a variety of cooling systems in different sizes with different cooling duties. Before you decide on the perfect cooling system for you, you should work out the cooling duty you require; this is based on the size of your working environment, the amount of people in it and the number of heated appliances such as laptops.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are great for buildings or offices with little to no ventilation as they don’t need it to work effectively. They rely solely on the process of evaporation. The hot air is pulled in and across a cooling media, where the process takes place before cool air is released back into the environment.

Chiller Hire Services

For larger air con needs, chillers make a great choice. They aren’t just ideal for air conditioning but also for other things such as cooling drinking water, food and machinery. They can be used for permanent fixtures or temporary events. They are a good choice for both food manufacturers and chemical manufacturers as they can serve as a back up if their chillers fail.

Cooling Fans

Cooling Fans have a variety of purposes, the smaller kind are great for use in offices for providing some relief from the heat whilst the larger ones can actually be used in factory settings to move around dust and steam. They are all rather portable so provide great flexibility.

Air Conditioners

Air conditioning units are the most popular and cost-efficient cooling solution. There are generally two types of air con to choose from; exhaust tube and split type air conditioning. Both air conditioning units require ventilation of some kind; exhaust tube air conditioning works by pulling hot air through the grills, before moving it through a refrigeration cycle where heat transfer cools the air and pushes it back out of the front of the unit. The hot air is dispensed through the back of the unit which should be placed out through a window.

Alternatively, split type air conditioners are made up of two components; one is placed inside and the other outside. Split type units are generally more flexible as they have a longer connector between the two components making placement easier.

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