The Benefits of Having a Commercial Air Conditioner

One of the best things you can do for your employees when the weather starts to get hotter is to hire a commercial air conditioner; it can do wonders for your business environment. If you’re struggling to decide whether hiring an air conditioning unit is for you, it is worth knowing the types you can choose from and their benefits. It can be a difficult decision if you’re not familiar with different air con units, we’ve put together some of the benefits and some options for commercial air conditioning.


Improved Employee Productivity It is proven that the temperature of the working environment has a direct impact on employee productivity. Both hot and cold weather can affect how well employees work; as you can imagine trying to concentrate whilst being either too hot or too cold can be a challenge. Optimal Working Environment As temperature does play a crucial factor in productivity, it is important to try and maintain the ideal temperature of between 21.7 and 25°C. Employee Satisfaction Employee productivity is obviously one of the most important benefits of air conditioning however employee satisfaction is key also. Happy employees are more likely to work hard and stay loyal. Comfortable Temperatures Nobody wants to work in a stuffy environment, no matter how much water you drink or loose clothing you wear once the temperatures soar, the heat can cause some real discomfort. Everyone will be grateful for air conditioning through the warmer months.

Air Conditioning Units for Hire

There are 4 main types of air con units;
  • Evaporative Coolers
  • Portable Exhaust Tube Air Conditioning
  • Portable Split Tube Air Conditioning (refrigerant)
  • Portable Split Tube Air Conditioning (water cooled)
When choosing which air conditioning unit is best for you, you first need to work out the cooling duty required; this is worked out by assessing the size of the space, the number of people in it and the amount of heated appliances such as laptops and printers. It is important to remember that all of the units, except evaporative coolers, require ventilation in order to expel the hot air accordingly.

CoolBreeze 15e

This exhaust tube air con unit is modern and energy efficient, one of the more popular choices for office air conditioning. Air con units such as this one are also appropriate for use in shops, warehouses, hospitals and at events.

CoolBreeze 25p

This effective, water cooled split type air con unit is very efficient and has the flexibility of multiple hoses which means there can be up to 30 metres between the main unit and the smaller condenser unit. This means it is useful when installing ducting is not viable.

Coolair 15

The Coolair series are incredibly portable but pack a powerful punch. The modern and compact air con units are very easy to install and use making them perfect for first time users of air conditioning units.
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