Top Cooling Systems for Buildings

Ensuring that the working environment is optimal in your building is something that should be important to you. Whether it be an office, warehouse or factory; making sure employees and employers are comfortable and satisfied will go a long way in ensuring employee productivity. Rather than allowing the heat to impact your business it is advisable to get ahead of the heat and employ a cooling system for the summer. Depending on the type of building you work in or own, there are various types of cooling systems which could be suitable; from smaller scale office fans to large scale chiller hire services. Different buildings will obviously have different needs when it comes to cooling so it can be hard to know what is best; there are a few things which should be considered when choosing the best cooling system for your building. First of all, cooling duty needs to be calculated; this is worked out based on the size of the space, the amount of people in it and the number of heated appliances present. You should also consider such things as; what do you need from the cooling system? Does it need to be portable? Do you have the correct ventilation? Cooling systems for buildings can be varied and vast but we hope this article helps you make an informed decision.

Air conditioning units are the most popular and usually cost-efficient choice for many working environments, especially offices. There are two main types of air conditioning; exhaust tube and split type units. Exhaust tube units are a common choice and work using a process of refrigeration. The tubes which release the hot air need to be positioned through a window meaning the unit must be near a window. Split type units have an inner and outer component; so, like exhaust tube units also require ventilation however they are more flexible in terms of placement as their connectors tend to be longer.

Chiller hire services are available for larger scale permanent fixtures and temporary events. They have a wide array of uses ranging from large scale air conditioning to ice rink creation. They are a popular choice in the manufacturing of food and drink and in the chemical industry as they can serve as back up chillers should they be needed. The chillers can also be used to cool down machinery and drinking water making them a flexible choice for large scale cooling distribution.

Cooling fans are a popular choice for a number of environments from offices to warehouses. Smaller fans are popular in offices, as they don’t require ventilation and are pretty flexible, easy to use and portable. Their larger counterparts are often used in factories and warehouses for similar reasons; they are flexible and portable. They also work to move around steam and dust in the air which is highly beneficial in factory and warehouse settings.

Evaporative Coolers

Evaporative coolers are a type of air conditioning but unlike their counterparts they don’t require ventilation. This makes them a very popular choice for buildings with a lack of windows. It works in a different way to other air conditioning units; rather than using a refrigeration cycle it relies solely on the process of evaporation which is why it does not require ventilation. Evaporative coolers have a fan in the unit which pushes hot air across a cooling media and the process of evaporation begins; the subsequent heat transfer then cools the air and the cooler air gets pushed back into the environment. They are particularly popular in drier climates such as in the United States in locations such as Salt Lake City and can even serve as humidifiers during heating season making them quite versatile.

Evaporative coolers are available in a variety of sizes, making them suitable for many different buildings; with the large evaporative cooler being suitable for workshops, warehouses, factories and large areas. It is able to provide cooled air for areas up to 53 metres squared and can reduce the room temperature by up to 14°C.

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