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7 DIY Projects that Will Take Your Garden to the Next Level this Spring

March 11th 2014

Having a gorgeous garden that is enhanced with special features isn’t as hard to achieve as you might imagine. The trick to taking your garden to the next level is taking on some do-it-yourself projects that make the most of the space and transform it from an ordinary yard to a beautiful garden.

While it may not be possible, or even practical, to take on all of these projects, you can choose a few that will work for your garden. Try to keep in mind the big picture, envisioning what you want the end result to look like, and then take on smaller projects to make that vision a reality.

Install Stone Pathways and Steps

A stone pathway and steps adds a certain element of charm to your garden and this project is easy to take on yourself. You can add a pathway that weaves throughout your garden, or just a short path that goes through part of your garden or leads from the front of your house to the back.

After you determine where you want the path, use a shovel to make sure the ground is level and smooth. Use extra soil to soften slopes and to create spaces for steps. Then, use flagstones to create the path. You can fit the stones closely together, using soil to fill the gaps, or you can leave a little space with grass in between each stone for a different look.

Build a Fence

There’s something about a picket fence that completes a garden. But, even if picket fences aren’t your style, building a basic wood fence will make your garden look polished and neat and will lend some extra privacy to your yard.

You can go the traditional route and add a fence around your entire garden or you can add a fence to just one side of your property. If you have an especially large garden, you could install knee-high fences to divide different areas within your garden.

With a post hole borer, post driver and some lumber, you can build your own fence. Finish it with a coat of paint or let it stay natural and just treat it so that it will withstand the elements.

Add a Water Feature

Adding a water feature, even a small one, can add an element of luxury to your garden. The two most common types of garden water features are fountains and ponds. You can build your own water fountain and create a custom piece that fits your garden perfectly, or you can purchase a water fountain that is ready to be added to your garden.

A pond can be a calming, tranquil addition to you garden, and is surprisingly easy to add. You’ll need to dig a hole for the pond, adding levels for plant life and then cover the ground with a liner. You can purchase a pump and all the pieces you’ll need to make the pond a working element at your hardware store.

Some hardware stores even carry smaller, shaped pond liners that are extremely sturdy and make adding a pond easier, as you can simply add it to the ground in your garden. Finish off the pond by surrounding it with plants, a pathway and adding water plants.

Install Trellises and Planters

Trellises and planters make your garden look more organised and finished and can add a lot of interest to an otherwise boring yard. You can build your own trellises and make them the exact size and shape you want. You can also build wood planters, or you can purchase ceramic, terra cotta or plastic planters in different styles and colours.

Try scattering these throughout your garden and grouping a few planters together here and there for a lush, full look. Use varying heights of planters and plants to add dimension and interest.

Pour a Concrete Patio

Pouring a concrete patio is another great way to take your garden to the next level. You can go all out and create a large patio outside a backdoor, or you can pour a smaller patio anywhere in your yard that creates the perfect place to have a barbecue, enjoy your garden and entertain family and friends.

(You’ll need a concrete mixer for the job, so why not take a look at the tools and equipment included in HSS’s Concrete Mixing collection?

Make your patio a comfortable space by adding outdoor furniture, a barbecue, an outdoor kitchen island, plants and even lighting.

Build Custom Raised Garden Beds

If your garden is mostly made up of a single large, flat space, mix things up a little by building some custom raised garden beds. Use a wheelbarrow to make carrying soil around your garden easier, and then use a shovel to flatten a few different levels of raised garden beds. Use cinderblock bricks to create retaining walls so the gardens will hold their shape.

Then, add small trees, shrubs, flowers and even vegetables to the different layers for a unique, classy look. Raised garden beds look beautiful in front of a home, along back fences or along one side of a garden.

Add Landscape Lighting

Adding some landscape lighting throughout your garden can make it look like a professionally landscaped space, add depth and even make your garden safer. There are all kinds of lights to choose from, including models that are charged by the sun during the day and then automatically turn on at night.

Install lights on your porch or patio, along pathways, throughout garden beds and anywhere else that could use a little extra light. Keep in mind that the lights will be especially useful when you use your garden in the evenings, so place them in areas that will make using your patio or entertaining easier.

This summer, make your garden something special by taking on some of these DIY projects. Plan your project in advance, hire the tools you’ll need and then set aside a weekend to make the transformation happen. For all your gardening tool hire needs, please visit our website.

About the Author

Lauren King

Lauren works in our Ecommerce Team, with over 6 years of experience at HSS. She brings product knowledge and is able to give her advice on the right tool for the job no matter how big or small.

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