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Gardening Jobs in June

Updated - May 3rd 2024

June is a busy month when it comes to your garden. There are many jobs to do from lawn maintenance to preparing your fruit and vegetable patch. Here are our top gardening tips for June to keep your garden flourishing.

Sow Some Seeds

There's so much that you can plant during June, both indoors and outside. From beetroot, sweetcorn, cucumbers, carrots, chill and pepper plants, red cabbages and so much more can be planted ready for future months. Depending on what seeds you've sown in other months, you can also start harvesting veggies plants like asparagus, garlic, spinach, spring onions too as they'll have grown and be ready to be eaten.

Water, Water, Water

The weather is continuing to heat up so you'll need to keep on top of watering your plants and flowers, especially newly planted ones. If you have a lawn in your garden, don't forget to water that too! At HSS, we have a selection of watering products from hoses, sprayers & watering cans you can buy to help keep your flora hydrated and healthy.

Use Feed & Seed

As well as watering your lawn, June would be a perfect time to add some well needed nutrients to your grass to encourage & boost growth & healthy colouring, especially if you didn't add any in previous months. If you have any container displays or hanging baskets in your garden, they'll need some liquid feed every few weeks too. We have a variety of feed & seed available to buy on our website.

Recut Lawn Edges

Whilst you're watering and feeding your lawn, why not get on top of the lawn edging too? Re-cutting or installing lawn edges not only makes your garden aesthetically pleasing but it can stop weeds from spreading as the edging acts as a barrier. Our lawn edger tool is perfect for the job and can be bought online.

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Keep Weeding

Yes, we know. We have mentioned this in previous monthly garden job blogs but weeds will continue to pop up around your garden all year round. So, if you didn't weed your garden last month, get on top of it this month. Check out our range of weedkillers and hand weeders.

Top Up Bird Baths

When the sun is shining, we all get a little thirsty. That goes for our little feathery visitors too. If you have a bird bath in your garden, make sure it's clean and topped up with fresh water for when the local robin or wood pigeon stop for a drink or a quick cool down.

Pond Maintenance

For those of us who are lucky enough to have a pond in our gardens, June will be the perfect time to clean it. Algae & blanket weed will form over time so use a net or a rake to remove it from the water. Doing this gives your fish and plants room to breathe as well as improving the appearance of your pond.

Reorganise Your Garden Sheds or Garages

We can sometimes neglect our garden sheds and garages by not putting tools back where they belong or leaving things hanging around. Take advantage of the warmer weather to de-clutter and reorganise the belongings in your garden storage.


We all know how temperamental the British weather can be, so before the sun decides to go back in to hiding, relax in your garden to enjoy the fruits of your labour. You've earned it!

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