Upcycling Creates Quirky Furniture For Your Home

In recent years the idea of upcycling has taken the interior design world by storm. Many people use this technique to make smaller items for the home, but with the right tool hire upcycling can create larger features in your home.

You can create funky pieces of furniture by thinking outside the box and upcycling items. Wooden crates or pallets are great for making bookcases or chairs. Breaking them down to individual pieces of wood doesn’t take long – and sometimes you don’t need to break them down completely – and then it’s easy to rebuild them in whatever way you want.

Wooden furniture will last longer – if properly treated – and can create an interesting look. Plus if you redecorate your home, you don’t have to get new furniture as you can just repaint it to suit your colour scheme.

If you have loads of hard-backed books lying around, don’t take them to the charity shop – upcycle them. Stack your books up into four towers of equal height and either glue them together, or – for more stability – create a hole through the centre of all the books and put old scaffolding poles through them. Then just top it off with a wooden top to create an interesting table. You can either paint the books or leave them as they are.

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