Unique DIY Christmas Decorations

Here at HSS we love decorating for the Christmas season, and with all our DIY know-how, we’re well aware that a little bit of handiwork and imagination goes a long way!

Handmade decorations mean more, often last longer and cost less! You don’t have to go to the shop and spend a small fortune on new decorations; we’ve got five DIY decoration ideas you’ll want to try out this Christmas!

DIY wooden stars

These twiggy stars require little more than a strong glue, twigs and some raffia (as well as a outdoor forage). For full details see our inspiration from Jackie at Happy Hooligans. This is a great one to get the kids on – get the hats and gloves on and go gathering! Once you’ve made your stars (the only fiddley bit) – you can get the kids back onboard for the raffia wrapping.

DIY christmas decorations twig star

Twine baubles

And what about adding some rustic shabby chic to your tree with these twine christmas decorations. You just need balloons, glue, cling film, jute twine and a water-based glue sealer, such as Mod Podge (the glitter version, for extra glam).

Simply cover a blown-up balloon in cling film and wrap jute tightly round your balloon, initially taping down the jute, and then removing the tape (when secure) and gluing your end down. Then paint it over with mod podge, or something similar. Now let it dry, then when the twine is completely dry, pop your balloons and remove, with the cling film. Add a little thread to attach it to your tree, or pop them all in a bowl for a festive centrepiece. Et Voila!


This is from our friends at the thinking closet, so head there for step by step instructions.

DIY paper snowflakes

How about the old classic, the paper snowflake? Over at Vintage Junky, they’ve got their technique down to a T. These are so good that they really would be a great Christmas addition to the home. They even provide you with 3 templates, to get you going! All you need is paper and scissors for this one, a real cheap and easy Christmas decoration to make an impact!DIY christmas decorations christmas paper snowflakes

Pinecone wreath

For a wreath with real impact on your eye and virtually no impact on your pocket, we think this pine cone wreath from Do It Yourself Divas is brilliant. All you need is a metal clothes hanger, pine cones you’ve gathered on a wintery walk, hot glue, wide-holed beads (that would fit on the metal frame of your hanger) and leftover fabric or ribbon to decorate. How easy could that be?

Simply unwrap the ends of your hanger, so your frame is open. Then glue the beads to the base of the pine cones, then, when dry, thread through your hanger. Wiggle and adjust so that your pinecones are as close to each othr as possible, filling the gaps so you can’t see the frame. Rewrap your metal frame, add a pretty ribbon and you’re done. How beautiful! You could always add a little white spray for that wintery, snowy effect.


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