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Lawnmower Buying Guide

September 14th 2023

For those of us who are lucky enough to have a piece of greenery in their outdoor space, we at HSS have put together some tips and info that’ll help you choose the right lawnmower to keep your grass lush and tidy throughout the year. 

Deciding on a lawnmower might seem like a tricky decision but if you know what you’re looking for, it’ll help narrow down your choices. Each type of lawnmower comes with its own unique benefits and features, so we have broken it down to help you with your decision.

Which type of lawnmower is right for you?

Corded – These models are perfect for those who want something eco-friendly and cost effective. Usually cheaper than petrol mowers, corded lawnmowers rely on electricity to be powered and won’t cause or add any environmental damage like a petrol model. They’re smaller, lighter & quieter than other types of lawnmowers too. Be careful not to trip or fall over the leads and most importantly, do NOT cut wet grass with a corded lawnmower. This type of mower is best suited for smaller gardens.

Cordless – If you’re after a piece of equipment that’s going to give you the freedom to work with no restrictions, then a cordless lawnmower is going to be ideal. With no leads & battery powered, you can move around your garden with ease, so your lawn can be perfect and tidy for the warmer months. Make sure to keep the battery charged or to carry a spare one with you especially when dealing with larger gardens & like the corded lawnmowers, these models cannot be used to cut wet grass.

Petrol – Powerful with a high performance, petrol lawnmowers are extremely durable and can also be used on wet grass so it can used all year round. Perfect for larger gardens, you can easily fill the tank and get mowing without having to recharge the battery or find a plug socket. Bear in mind, these lawnmowers are heavier to push than other types and can be noisier too.

Robotic – The most expensive, the robot lawnmowers are quieter & easier to store away as they are smaller and more compact . The lawnmower uses GPS or boundary wire to move around and cut your lawn. This high-tech garden power tool can take itself back to its docking station when it’s battery is low & it needs recharging leaving you to soak up the vitamin D and enjoy your day. 

Ride on – Suitable for larger gardens and outdoor spaces, ride on lawnmowers are the perfect choice for saving you time and effort. Easy to operate, you’ll be able to sit back in the chair and cut your grass comfortably and faster than other lawnmower models thanks to the tools powerful petrol engine. These models have a higher price tag and will emit high greenhouse emissions so it isn’t as eco-friendly as other lawnmower types.


Now let’s talk features

There are lots of handy features that are sure to catch your eye when searching for the right lawnmowers, some you might not have thought of.

Grass boxes - These are common when buying a lawnmower and is ideal if you’d rather collect the cut grass rather than having it being spat back on the lawn. If you have a larger garden, having a larger grass box means you don’t have to empty them as often so there’s one less thing to worry about. 

Adjustable handles – No matter how tall you are, you won’t have to worry about mowing the lawn that comes with an adjustable handle. Simply position the handle to wherever feels most comfortable for you and you’re good to go. Some can also be folded down so the lawnmower can be easily put away if you don’t have much storage space.

Rear Rollers - The purpose of rear rollers is to flatten down grass whilst mowing. Once your grass has been cut and the rollers squash the grass, it leaves creates a stripe effect on the lawn giving it a professional finishing look.

Other features such as cutting height, blade width & mower size are available with certain models but don’t forget to take into account that each feature will reflect in the price of the lawnmower.

At HSS, we have an impressive range of lawnmowers for you to buy or hire whether you need one for your own garden or if you work in the gardening trade. Check out our lawnmowers here.

No matter which lawnmower you choose, you’ll be on the right path to getting your lawn ready to enjoy in the summer months or all year round.

Whether you want to buy or hire, HSS has something for everyone. For more information lawnmowers, don't hesitate to contact us in store, over the phone or by speaking to our live chat experts who are on hand and available to help.

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