Dark Places in Your Business that Need Special Lighting

Updated September 5th 2023

You might be surprised at the negative effects bad lighting can have on your business. Productivity, optimism, teamwork, quality and accuracy of work, the number of sales you make, and even your health can all suffer if your building isn’t well lit.

Areas where your employees work, where your customers shop and where you conduct business must be extremely well lit. But, there are also other, less obvious places that need good lighting.

When your business is well lit everything you do, from paperwork to making sales, will benefit. Here are some dark places in your business you probably don’t think much about but that need excellent lighting.

Your Front Door

The door where you welcome staff or clients at your office or shop makes a first impression on anyone that stops by. When people come to your place of business, you want them to see you as a professional and a reliable source for information, products and services.

The impression you make should be one that tells people they can trust and work with you. If your front door is dark and the front of your building doesn’t look well taken care of, you won’t be able to make this impression.

Install a good porch light next to your front door to illuminate the entire space. You may also want to check the lighting in your entrance and foyer to make sure it helps you create a professional atmosphere and is welcoming for guests.

Walkways and Car Parks

Your walkways and parking areas can also help you create a good impression. The lighting here, and at doors, can also help you keep your building safe at night and during darker hours of the day, so it’s not something you want to skimp on.

Use landscaping lighting along walkways or in garden beds outside your building to light up the area and make it look more professional. The right kinds of lights can also help you add depth and interest to the front of your building.

Parking lot lights are essential to safety and will make it easier for people to access your business. Make sure your parking area is well lit so that people can easily park and make their way to your building.

Display Cabinets

If your shops’ display cabinets aren’t lit up, you could be losing sales. Display cabinets with plenty of lights highlight your products and make them look more attractive. They also capture customers’ attention so they’ll want to learn more about what you have to offer.

Choose the kind of lighting you use here very carefully. Very bright floodlights will light up the entire space and could make your display cabinets blend in with their surroundings so customers could pass them by. But, soft lights or spotlights that are carefully directed to make your products look their best could really help you boost your sales.

Storage Rooms and Small Cupboards

It’s essential to have proper lighting in you storage rooms. These spaces become almost unusable if they aren’t lit up well and quickly become frustrating to use if they are dark. It’s also next to impossible to organise and use storage rooms to their fullest potential if you can’t see the space, shelves, and organisers clearly.

Start with ceiling lights that have a light switch next to the door so employees can easily turn them on as soon as they enter the room. Then, use smaller lights throughout the room to light up shelves, cupboards and storage areas on the walls. Even simple lights can make storage rooms much more functional. You could add battery-powered lights to the ceiling, sides or even shelves in cupboards or closets a quick update.


The right lighting in hallways can make your office more attractive and even safer. Lights here are great for any length of hallway, but are especially helpful in long hallways or areas without windows and natural sunlight.

Ceiling lights are a great place to start and can add a lot of light to a hall. Add some wall sconces to illuminate the area and so that people can easily find their way. Sconces also add an element of design to hallways and create more interest, so they can enhance the way your office looks, making it a more comfortable space.


It is absolutely essential that your warehouse is well lit. The right lighting will make the space safer and more functional so your employees can do their jobs right and even be more effective. When your warehouse is well lit, it will be easier to use and your entire business will run much more smoothly.

In most cases, a warehouse will require several different kinds of lighting. Flood lights will light up very large spaces while festoon lights and tasklights are perfect for lighting shelves, storage spaces and work areas. It’s also a great idea to keep some lanterns on hand so your employees can find their way around and have extra light when they work on special projects or carry out tasks.

The right lighting at your business makes it a more appealing place for your customers and employees. When spaces are lit up, your office is more comfortable and easier to use, so your business will be more effective.

Start updating your business or shop by assessing the kind of lighting you already have and looking for dark spaces that could use some extra light. You’ll be amazed at the difference the right lighting will make!

About the Author

Lauren King

Lauren works in our Ecommerce Team, with over 6 years of experience at HSS. She brings product knowledge and is able to give her advice on the right tool for the job no matter how big or small.

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