Eco Friendly Temporary Lighting Solutions

October 9th 2019

Using eco-friendly lighting is generally one of the simplest ways to go green. There are a few different types of lighting which run more efficiently than others such as LED.

LED lighting is typically more energy efficient as LED bulbs tend to have a longer lifespan than other bulbs and as they don’t emit as much heat as some other lighting solutions, they don’t waste energy. In addition to being energy efficient, LEDs are also more cost-effective as they don’t need replacing as often, they have very high light quality and have very low maintenance costs and hassle. The only real disadvantage of LED’s used to be that they were expensive, however the cost has decreased over time and in the long run they would save money.

Another eco-friendly lighting option is metal halide lights. Metal halide lighting is 3-5 times more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Metal halide bulbs produce a high-quality light and can produce a very high colour temperature. The high colour and quality offered by metal halide lights makes them ideal for use in headlights and flood lights.

LED Lighting Tower

Equipped with 4x300w LED floodlights, LED lighting towers are able to save up to 75% on fuel and carbon emissions making them incredibly eco-friendly without sacrificing on lighting power. The high efficiency LED floodlights are perfect for outdoor events or site lighting when it is darker during the winter months.

VT1 Lighting Tower

Using four 1000W metal halide bulbs to produce a bright white light, this lighting tower is able to provide up to four times the light capability of traditional tungsten bulbs. This VT1 lighting tower is perfect for a variety of purposes including lighting for roadworks and site lighting, even making a great choice for outdoor events. This lighting tower also comes with a fully bunded environmentally friendly fuel tank and with the maximum mast height of this lighting tower being 9 metres, a large area can be lit by one tower.

Benefits of Lighting Hire

There are a variety of benefits to lighting hire for on-site use and temporary outdoor events, among other things. One of the benefits is that it makes choosing eco-friendly lighting easier. By choosing to hire lighting, you don’t have to worry about maintenance costs and bulb replacement, which tends to be the only downside of eco-friendly lighting such as LED’s. All you need to do is choose the best eco-friendly lighting for your needs.

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