Large Scale Lighting Solutions for Large Scale Events

October 7th 2019

Lighting may not be the top of the priority list when it comes to planning an event, however it is an important aspect of any event and can have a massive impact on the outcome. Work lights can be used to light up small spaces where detail is required but for larger scale events you will need large scale lighting.

Many people may think that outdoor events and festivals are specific to the summer months however that is not the case; take the Christmas markets for example, they run throughout November and December and will require large scale lighting solutions in order to run smoothly as most stay open until 7-8pm. There are plenty of other outdoor events which take place throughout winter, and as the evenings get darker and darker lighting is essential.

Remote lighting is best suited for outdoor winter events; such as mobile flood lights. We’re going to take a look at some of the best options for outdoor winter lighting whilst also discussing some key considerations you need to be aware of when lighting outdoor events such as how you’re going to power them.

Mast Floodlight

This floodlight consists of twin floodlights which are mounted on a 6-metre telescopic mast. These floodlights are ideal for lighting wide areas as they stand so tall and have a twin head which is able to light a wide area with ease.

Telescopic Floodlights

These floodlights have a maximum mast height of 2.4m. Their size means that they can be used as temporary lighting for both outdoor and indoor events. Despite their smaller stature they are still capable of providing high-level on-site lighting, across wide areas. The telescopic tripod floodlights come with the option of having twin or single head lights which means you can customise them to your individual requirements.

Considerations for Lighting Hire

Once you have decided which lighting is best for you, there are a few further considerations you need to be aware of. Placement is an important aspect of lighting at large scale events for a number of reasons. Lighting can play a massive role in the overall feel of an event; consider things such as whether certain areas require more lighting than others, such as entrances and exits. Depending on the event you may want to have some ambient lighting as well as practical lighting; this can be done with fairy lights or smaller outdoor lighting, such as festoon lights. An important part of lighting at an outdoor event is power. Power plays a key role in the smooth running of an outdoor event; therefore, it is essential to have the right generator for the job. Knowing what generator is best can be tricky, it requires knowing the wattage necessary; luckily we have a handy dedicated article to help you out.

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