Temporary Heating for Construction Sites

Construction sites face some of the most challenging conditions in the winter as a result of adverse weather conditions. It can be challenging when you have to continue working throughout the very harsh weather, however this is why it is important to know the options you have for temporary heating. Temporary heating can help to see your business through the winter and help workers stay productive even in the harshest of conditions. It is essential that throughout the winter, you make keeping your employees safe and comfortable a priority.

Temporary Heating Solutions

The most practical and common solution for temporary heating on construction sites is direct fired heaters. It is one of the most efficient ways of heating areas and these heaters can often be operated in the lowest temperatures. Direct fired heaters tend to be the most cost-effective way of heating construction sites.

Gas heaters are not only ideal for keeping your employees warm, but they also help with any drying tasks you may have.

Other heating solutions include indirect fired heaters; these are more complicated to use but they do offer cleaner air which is why they are the preferred choice for places like hospitals. Indirect fired heaters require a good amount of ventilation, but this shouldn’t be an issue on construction sites. Similarly, electric heaters are a good option for heating smaller areas where you can’t have fumes emitted; electric heaters are not a very cost-effective choice for larger spaces.

Blower Heaters

Blower heaters are direct fired heaters and the preferred solution for heating construction sites and other large spaces. The mobile fans are ideal for industrial and on-site use as they have the power to heat large spaces quickly. Available in three different heating capacities, you can choose the best option for you.

31kW – These heaters are great for use in site-offices and small workshops

44kW – For medium sized industrial areas and construction sites, the medium blower heater will be perfect; it is fitted on a stand with a handle for maximum portability.

73kW – For larger sites and industrial areas this is
the best option and will provide quick and effective temporary heating for large spaces.

It is essential that when using direct fired heaters, that you have the correct ventilation as the fumes could have a harmful effect when used in a confined space. To find the right heating solution for you, explore our range of heating solutions.

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