LED Lighting for Commerce

LED lighting is a popular choice in home lighting as LED lights tend to use very little energy, are long lasting and are instantly bright when turned on. LED lighting is also used often in lighting for construction sites, this is for similar reasons as they are used in the home; they have a typically longer lifespan than other bulbs and are instantly bright which is great for use on construction sites. As LED lights use less power, they are therefore more cost-effective than halogen lighting; something which is a big consideration for use in trade. Obviously, the LED lighting used for commerce differs from those used in home lighting. Let’s take a look at some of the LED lighting options for commerce.

LED Single/Twin Head Floodlights

These floodlights emit a cool white light which makes them great for construction sites as the white light means they reduce the appearance of shadows. These floodlights have low noise emission as they offer a fan-less operation; which makes these lights ideal for use in residential areas or areas where noise pollution is a concern.

LED Stand Lights

These LED stand lights are extremely versatile as they can be used as both handheld and free-standing lights; in addition to this the angle of the light is adjustable to allow you flexibility when using it. These LED stand lights are a good solution for lighting hard to reach places due to their size and flexibility. They also offer low noise emission and are shock resistant.

Self-Righting Work Lights

These lights can be extremely versatile as they can be used as a singular light or linked together to from a light chain. These self-righting lights deliver a broad and almost entirely shadow free light which makes them great for decorating jobs. A great thing about these lights is that the counter-weight base will ensure that the lights stay upright even if knocked. The lights are easy to carry and transport.

There are many benefits to using LED lights, however they do tend to be the most expensive type of bulb; although this is getting better. To avoid having to continually purchase LED bulbs, you can hire LED lighting as you please. Portable lighting hire options help you move the light to wherever it is necessary and offer excellent flexibility on lighting choices; pick and choose what you need as you need them.

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