5 Tips to Get Your Home Ready for The New School Year

With the new school year fast approaching, it presents a perfect opportunity to give your home a good clean to make sure you are ready for the upcoming year. September indicates change for many reasons; the beginning of a new season approaching and a new school year beginning. For this reason, it is a great opportunity to give your home and garden a refresh and start preparing for autumn. With that being said it can seem like a big task, preparing for a new season; especially whilst the kids are still at home, however we have some top tips to help you get your home ready for the new school year which should help take the task out of cleaning.

Refresh you Carpets

Having had many weeks with the kids at home, playing in and outside the house your carpet is bound to have taken a beating. Giving your carpet a thorough clean with a good carpet cleaner will help to refresh not just your carpets but your whole home. You may have forgotten what colour your carpet actually is but with the help of a carpet cleaner, your carpet will be looking bright and as good as new!

Clean your Patios and Decking

After the varied weather we have experienced this summer, your patio and decking probably needs a lot of attention. The mix of hot, sunny weather with a number of cold and rainy days has most likely taken a toll on the outside of your home so before the seasons change and the cold becomes more permanent it is a good idea to power wash your patio and decking to ensure it is ready for autumn. Once it is dry, use a gritted lacquer to help preserve it throughout the colder months.

Perform Garden Maintenance

Autumn and winter can wreak havoc on your garden so now is the time to  perform all the necessary garden maintenance tasks ahead of the season change. Start to clear out your garden to prepare it for the colder months when you are less likely to be out in the garden. Tackle those awkward tree stumps head on with a stump grinder; it’ll make the job a whole lot easier.

Prune your Trees

Another important aspect of garden maintenance which is best performed before autumn makes an appearance is pruning the trees. Pruning your trees ahead of autumn is critical to help avoid most of the mess which can be caused as the leaves begin to fall.  Along reach pruner is ideal for reaching those tall trees.

Prepare Outdoor Mats and Rugs Ready for Storage

As the warmer weather becomes a thing of the past it is time to start prepping your outdoor furniture, mats and rugs for storage. You don’t want to be storing your mats and rugs without making sure they are fresh and clean as this can cause you all sorts of problems when you bring them back out next summer. A wet and dry vacuum is the perfect tool for making sure your outdoor accessories get a good clean and refresh ahead of winter storage.

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