HSS Guide to Concreting

Our useful concreting guide provides you with easy step-by-step tips on how to attain a flat and professional concrete finish.

1.Mix It

For on-site mixing, the correct mix ratio (cement:sand:stone) depends on the application; high strength requires more cement and rougher applications require more aggregate. The ratios given below are given as a guide to common applications. Use a concrete mixer to form your cement.

Bulk Concrete Mixer HSS Hire
Bulk Concrete Mixer / HSS Hire
Applications Quantities
Cement Sand Stone
General 1 2 4
Foundations 1 3 6
Rough mast concrete 1 4 8
Watertight floors,tanks,pits etc. 1 1.5 3
2. Poke It

vibrating poker

Thorough compaction and removal of air is essential for concrete to achieve full strength and durability. The most effective way of achieving this is the efficient use of a vibrating poker. The area around the poker will be fully compacted. The size of this area depends on a number of factors like the size of the poker and frequency and amplitude, and slump of the concrete.

3. Lay It

beam screed

Concrete floor slabs need to be compacted, flat and at the right level. This process is known as screeding.

Two distinct techniques are commonly used for screeding; traditional screeding using framework/screed rails set at the right height and free screeding using laser levels to achieve the correct level. Use a Beam Screed to accurately compact and level your concrete slabs.

4. Finish It

power float

The screeding process will leave slight ripples on the concrete surface. For some applications this is acceptable as the texture can increase the effective slip resistance on slopes and ramps. When the concrete is still in a plastic state the surface can be re-mixed and surface irregularities smoothed out using a float. This process is quick and easy and if the right tools are used. A wide float blade is pushed and pulled across the slab using a long handle so the operator can work the slab from the sides. Floats can also incorporate a brush to reintroduce a texture to the concrete surface.

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