Best Flower Bulbs for Spring

The arrival of spring is often signified by the sprouting of beautiful bright flowers and the return of abundant greenery. As the days get lighter and longer, you will start to see your bulbs flowering and brightening up your garden if preparation for the summer months.


For many, daffodils signify the arrival of spring; these bright, typically yellow, flowers have many associations with this time of year and the holidays which surround it such as Mother’s Day. Daffodils are a cheery spring bulb which are available in a variety of cheerful colours; although it is hard to beat the traditional golden daffodil, we are all so familiar with.


Tulips are another popular spring bulb which many people associate with the spring month; these vibrant flowers are not only seen in the garden but also in many people’s homes and can really brighten a room. There is a wide variety of colours available in tulips; so much so that it can be hard to choose. The ‘everlasting mix’ is a great choice for tulip bulbs as you get a selection of colours.

Lily of the Valley

This delicate white flower can bloom even in the gloomiest of areas; therefore, makes a great spring bulb even when the weather isn’t on your side. These springtime favourites don’t only offer beautiful flowers but also provides an array of dense foliage. In addition, this flower is beautifully scented.


Bluebells are a classic is wooded areas specifically; they come to life in the springtime and signify the beginning of warmer weather. They are a resilient flower which is ideal for the spring months which can often see a large amount of wet weather in continuation from winter.


Hyacinths are fairly easy to grow so make a great bulb for beginners. They have a powerful fragrance and grow upward making them a statement flower to have in your garden. They can either be grown in sunny spots outside or in pots sat on your windowsill.

The best time to begin planting these spring flowering bulbs is between the months of October and December; before the coldest of the weather sets in. Once spring arrives you will have plenty to be doing in the garden as it is truly when the typical ‘growing season’ begins. Prepare your garden for the spring my ensuring it is prepped and ready to go, this includes things such as cleaning out your greenhouse, rotavating your garden and planting seasonal vegetables and flowers.

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