DIY Jobs to Do Before Summer

With summer well on its way and the weather getting warmer every day; now is the time to start thinking about the DIY jobs you might want to get done before summer well and truly kicks in. We all tend to leave things and push them to one side; but once the hotter weather arrives, you’ll really wish you had already done them. Whether it is preparing your garden for enjoying the sun or touching up some paint indoors or outdoors; you’ll regret not doing it now once it gets too hot to be spending hours completing DIY tasks.

Paint Touch Ups

Touching up paintwork is something we all probably push back time and time again. It’s not a big job yet it is usually one which is avoided. Now is the perfect time to get the small touch up jobs out of the way; and the warmer weather means you can open the windows and dry the paint work faster. It is a good idea to take this time to touch up both interior and exterior paint work, before it gets too warm and you can’t imagine anything worse than being stuck inside or up and down a ladder.

General Organisation and Cleaning

We all know how with summer and warmer days comes the inevitable searches for garden furniture, toys or garden games which have been stored away for winter. Having a de-clutter and reorganising your storage systems is a great task to get through before summer; it will ensure anything you use through winter can be stored at the back or in a lesser accessible space and summer items can be brought to the front or taken out of storage.

In addition to doing such organisation, now is a great chance to do a good deep clean inside to get rid of any dirt and debris which is usually dredged in through winter. Mopping floors and giving the carpet a deep clean are best done now before it gets too warm. There is no need to purchase any expensive gadgets, simply finding the best carpet cleaner to hire can help you ensure your floors are ready for summer. And now the weather is warmer you can open the window and have your carpets dry in no time!

Patio Cleaning

Now is the perfect time to get that patio cleaned ready for all the time you’re going to be spending in the garden. A similar brush with hot soapy water can do the trick but for a full in-depth clean look to use a power washer; it will bring the patio back to looking as good as new.

Clean the Gutters

Over winter, your gutters will become clogged with debris which can cause damage when not cleared. Although during spring and summer there won’t be as much getting caught in there now is the best time to clear them out so that when autumn comes you don’t have to worry about cleaning them out in time for the leaves to fall.

Preparing the Garden

In addition to the more hands on DIY jobs which are best done before summer, it is also time to get the garden prepared. Both in terms of gardening jobs such as lawncare and in terms of getting the garden furniture out and cleaned so that it is ready for the warmer months. This could mean trimming your shrubs and hedges, prepping wooden furniture so it is ready to be used, cleaning outdoor dining spaces and rearranging for the perfect BBQ space.

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