Gardening Activity in September

September marks a change in season as autumn begins; the leaves start to fall, and it starts to get cooler. September is the perfect time to start thinking about spring, as it is the time you should be planting your spring flowering bulbs.  There is plenty to do in your garden as autumn begins such as plant your spring bulbs and prepare for winter so it is important to get out in the garden this September with the right gardening tools and equipment.

Prune Late Flowering Shrubs

It is important to prune your shrubs in September to ensure that they grow back health as it encourages new growth. For those hard to reach shrubs, you are best using long reach pruners; they can reach heights of up to 2.4m making pruning shrubs a lot easier.

Harvest Fruit and Vegetable Patch

There are various fruits and vegetables which require harvesting in September. In terms of fruits it is a good time to pick ripe apples and pears along with autumn raspberries; you can then look into all the exciting ways to use these fruits in cakes, pies and jams. In terms of vegetables you want to look at harvesting things such as sweetcorn and onions.

Divide Herbaceous Perennials

 Herbaceous perennials are plants which die down annually in winter but whose roots remain so they reappear in the spring time. Dividing perennials is essential to rejuvenate the plant and control growth. You can always create new flower beds by dividing perennials as they grow back and have a tendency for overgrowing.

Feed and Deadhead Hanging Baskets

In September you should be still using a liquid fertiliser to feed your hanging basket plants; you can begin to plant winter hanging baskets at this point but remember to keep up to feeding them throughout early autumn and deadheading them to ensure growth; as winter begins you won’t need to tend to them as often as winter flowering plants are stronger.

Clean Out Your Greenhouse

A new season is a perfect opportunity to clean out your greenhouse; it is a good chance to swap out summer flowering plants for winter ones and start thinking about your winter garden and how you are going to use your greenhouse throughout the colder months. It is good to clean out the greenhouse before it gets too cold to do so.

Aerate Your Lawn

September is a good time to aerate your lawn, it should ideally be done between August and November in order to ensure the grass has time to heal. You can aerate your lawn yourself with the help of a lawn scarifier; it will aerate the ground and remove dead grass, weeds and moss in a single operation.

Clear Fallen Leaves

We all know that autumn brings with it falling leaves; whilst they may look pretty, they can be a nuisance in the garden so it is important to clear fallen leaves as quickly and efficiently as possible. Hiring a leaf blower is one of the most effective ways to deal with fallen leaves, taking away the hassle of manual raking them.

Trim Hedges

September is a good chance to trim your hedges before the cooler months hit and you want to avoid having to maintain them as much. It is recommended that hedges be trimmed twice a year from April to September so it ideal to get a long-handled hedge trimmer and perform the necessary hedge trimming.

We have a variety of gardening equipment to help you complete your September gardening tasks effectively and efficiently, book yours today here.


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