October Gardening Activity

October can be a really beautiful month in the garden; it is when the seasons truly begin to change. Beautiful colours can be seen from fallen leaves, to a crisp frost starting to form. October is also an important month for gardening activity and to start thinking about gardening equipment hire; there are many things to be doing in October to both prepare for the winter months and even do some preparation for next spring and summer.


As winter approaches there tends to be more and more wet and cold days which make it difficult to keep up to your lawncare. Over winter it does become less important to keep up mowing the lawn and trimming the hedges, but it is important to take the last opportunities to do so before the cold sets in. Therefore, use October as an opportunity to mow the lawn and trim the hedges for what could be the last time before winter. Autumn is the perfect time to scarify your lawn; it removes the excess material in order to allow the lawn to breathe; in turn preventing weeds and helping the grass grow better. Make sure to only scarify your lawn if it is healthy enough.

Making Use of The Greenhouse

Winter is the time when you’ll be getting even more use out of your greenhouse. In October it is advisable to begin moving tender plants inside to prevent irreparable damage to them over winter. It is important to remove any shading you have in your greenhouse before winter to allow as much light as possible in; sometimes you may need to set up your greenhouse heater to avoid the effects of an early frost.

Clearing Leaves

It is important to keep up the clearing of fallen leaves throughout the autumn; they may look pretty as they fall but they can quickly cause a lot of mess and become a trip hazard as soon as it rains. If you create a compost bin you can use it for collecting fallen leaves; this way the leaves can be made into leaf mould which is used as a soil conditioner.

Vegetable Gardening

If you have a vegetable garden there are a few things to do in October. A lot of it involves finishing the harvest of many vegetables and preparing them for next year, such as beans and peas. You can start preparing the site for next year by digging trenches to fill with manure or kitchen waste. However, there’s still a lot to do through autumn and winter in the vegetable garden as after all there are still plenty of seasonal vegetables. Make sure to protect your winter vegetable plants such as cauliflower heads. Make sure to harvest squash and pumpkins before it gets too cold and the first frost forms.

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