Preparing Your Garden For Winter Months

It’s important to prepare your garden for the winter months; there are a number of important steps you need to take in autumn. By taking these measures, you’ll get the most out of your garden in every season.

Maintain your hedge

If you have a hedge, give it a good trim in autumn with our hedge trimmer. This will ensure it’s neat and compact for the winter season. The last thing you want to be doing when it’s wet and windy is spending unnecessary time outdoors, so plan ahead.

Make compost.

Use fallen leaves, hedge clippings, lawn mowings, weeds, rotten vegetables, vegetable clippings and household waste such as shredded paper. Be sure to maintain a good mix and balance of different ingredients. Rotate regularly to ensure air reaches all parts of it. As more leaves fall going into winter, collect them regularly and add them to the compost.

Look after your grass.

Use our lawn mower for mowing your grass one the last time before the cold weather takes hold, make sure you have sprayed any weeds and removed as many as possible. In addition, it’s a great time to feed and fertilise your lawn in preparation for the winter months. There are even products that simultaneously kill moss and weeds, whilst providing nutrients for your lawn.

Take cuttings.

Autumn is a great time of year to take . These can then be planted in small pots of top-quality soil.

Redesign your garden.


If you fancy extending, modifying, replanting or reseeding your garden, now is a good time. Planting and relaying in autumn allows things to take root before the cold weather takes hold.

Work on your borders and flower beds.

In autumn you can put some work into your borders and flower beds, perhaps even extend them. Get everything nice and neat in preparation for planting in spring.

Do some planting.

Autumn is a great season for roses and shrubs, such as Christmas Box and Shrub Honeysuckle

Bring your garden indoors.


Bring your garden indoors by investing in autumnal and wintry house plants such as Poinsettias and orchids. That way you can enjoy plants from the comfort of your own home.

Take care of your fences.

Any fences and gates need to be cared for and prepared for the forthcoming winter months. If you have a wooden fence, it’s worth investing in stain, sealant or paint and giving it a good coat before the cold, dark nights set in.

Tidy up your garden.

It’s time to move your summer garden furniture into the shed or garage for the winter season, and ensure there’s nothing in the garden that could blow away. If smaller plants can be potted and kept indoors, why not brighten your house up and add some colour over the winter months.


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