Guide to Guard Barriers and Fencing

Guard barriers and fencing are essential on construction sites and for construction jobs such as roadworks; they provide safety and security for the workplace, workers and the public. Barriers and fences are a vital security measure on construction sites; they deter thieves and prevent things such as vandalism on site as well as warn the public of danger and prevent them from entering a potentially hazardous working environment. Barriers are commonly used for roadworks and ensure the safety of construction workers and the public.

Guard Barriers and Fencing Solutions

2M Guard Barriers

The 2M guard barriers are 2 metres long and highly reflective. They are recommended for use around temporary roadworks, groundwork and any open excavations. The barriers can be linked together to the required length. The barriers are free standing and can be connected with ease; making them the perfect safety solution for any temporary groundworks. The guard barriers can be used on uneven ground; which may be necessary if working on roadworks or open excavations; they also feature reflective material on each side so they are highly visible to the public and construction workers.

Mesh Fence

Mesh fencing is the perfect solution for adding security on a temporary construction site. The panels are a cost-effective solution for deterring theft and vandalism; something which is a concern on construction sites. The strong mesh provides a tough security barrier and the rubber feet and stabilisers ensure it stays in place. The purpose of construction fencing is not only to protect from theft and vandalism but to also to protect the public from any on-site hazards.

Clear Path Barriers

Clear path barriers have a number of possible uses; they can be used for roadworks, groundworks and excavation projects but can also be used for both in-door and outdoor events when in need of crowd control. The barriers are stable and secure; with two-part low trip feet which are designed to reduce the trip hazard to pedestrians. The barriers have a lockable connector to allow them to be connected to other barriers securely and also allow for easy transport as required.

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