High Productivity with Low Vibration with the HILTI TE 3000

Since Hand-Arm Vibration was first recognised as a serious occupational health threat in the 1980s; Hilti, one of HSS’s key product suppliers has made it their priority to find a solution. Working closely with the HSE and tool users, they have developed machines which not only lower vibration but which also increase productivity.

From this the Hilti TE 3000-AVR was born, an electric breaker which delivers the power and performance to match existing air tools – the best performance with the least vibration. See the difference for yourselves:

Using Hilti’s Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) technology, the breaker generates vibration of less than 7m/s2 giving 4 hours and 5 minutes of permissible trigger time in a day.

Other key benefits include:

  • Cost-efficient (no diesel compressor required)
  • Simple to transport (transport trolley provided)
  • Easy set up (can be simply plugged into a 110V supply)

The historic problem with electric breakers was that they simply lacked the power of their air tool rivals with still too much vibration at the handle to offer a ‘low vibration’ alternative. The Hilti TE 3000 AVR claims the lowest vibration value of any electric breaker in the 30kg class (its nearest rival generates an acceleration of 8m/s2, providing permissible trigger time of three hours eight minutes, almost an hour less) and it still delivers 68 joules of impact energy – enough to rival any air tool.

How is Vibration Reduced?

Hilti’s AVR (Active Vibration Reduction) system comprises a series of springs and pivots that effectively decouples the side handles from the business end of the tool. The vibration in the direction of the hammer is reduced by a damping mechanism, whilst counter balancing further reduces the vibrating effects. The result is a machine which feels much lighter than its power suggests and a triple-axis vibration that enables Hilti to claim a best-in-class trigger time boosting operator productivity.

Polygonal Chisel

The polygon design of the chisel ensures that it is less likely to get stuck in the material it is breaking, improving performance by as much as 20%, says Hilti. This design is also self-sharpening so that even used models retain their shape, reducing the need for re-sharpening or replacement.

Hilti Breaker Benefits

HSS have the largest fleet of Hilti equipment in the UK. Browse the full range here.

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