Light Vibrating Plate Safety at Home

You may be under the impression that vibrating plates are for use in the world of construction only and not something used for DIY jobs, but you would be mistaken. Wacker plates can come in handy for a number of home projects, they work to compact and compress concrete, soil and other materials to create a base for a number of things from sheds and garages to a garden path. Although this equipment is great for use both commercially and domestically, it is important to have an understanding of light vibrating plate safety at home.

Different Types of Vibration Plate

There are generally two different types of vibrating plates; electric and petrol. They work in a similar way, but the electric kind are more suitable for indoors and poorly ventilated areas as they do not let of fumes. There are various sizes of vibration plates with different capabilities; the best choice will differ depending on the job at hand but in general the light vibrating plate is the best choice for at home maintenance and repair jobs.


Vibrating plates are a useful piece of equipment, but they can also pose a safety risk if not used correctly. Some basic advice on safety is to not push the equipment beyond its limits, keep it clean and always switch it off before making any adjustments to it. It is important to read the guide provided by HSS on safety for this piece of equipment. The hirer has a responsibility to make sure the equipment is used safely, and a risk assessment has been carried out. It should only be used by a competent, able bodied adult and children and animals need to be kept away from the working area. Don’t use this equipment if you aren’t well or are under the influence; make sure to wear protective clothing and ear defenders to help with noise levels. Make sure that before you turn this piece of equipment on you know how to turn it off; as this is the most important. Don’t work near flammable materials or liquids/gases and make sure the working area is well lit and ventilated. Lastly, this is a heavy piece of machinery and therefore you should not attempt to lift it alone. Before using this piece of equipment make sure you have read and fully understand the safety guidelines.

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