Top Reasons to Hire a Boom Lift

Boom lifts are extremely versatile and can be used for a number of purposes; from standard construction uses to filming aerial shots for TV. Often referred to as ‘cherry pickers’, they were originally used for fruit picking at height. A boom lift is an aerial platform which provides a safe way to work at a height which would otherwise be difficult to reach. The primary use for a boom lift is lifting workers to and from high places; you may have seen them along roads fixing telephone or electrical lines, but they have a variety of uses.

Be Prepared

Boom lifts have so many uses, for maintenance and repair work at height they are essential. One of the most common reasons for hiring a boom lift is performing work on schools during summer holidays; they are often hired as an afterthought but with the summer holidays coming to an end it is better to be prepared and consider the work needed in the first instance and hire your equipment accordingly.

Health and Safety

The most important reason for using a boom lift to work at height is to ensure the safety of workers. Working at height can be extremely dangerous without a stable and reliable platform. The purpose of a boom lift is to provide a stable platform which allows work to be performed at height; without compromising on safety. Other options for working at height may not be as safe or efficient; if you are struggling to maintain the height, work will likely suffer.

Various Uses

Servicing Telephone Lines

One of the most common uses for a boom lift is to service telephone and electrical lines. Using a boom lift means that the possibility of accidents is lowered as workers are not required to climb poles to access the cables. It then provides a stable platform to perform work on.

Painting Outdoor Structures

Painting the outside of a building requires precision. Using other equipment such as ladders can be dangerous, unstable and may not reach high enough, but a boom lift provides safety, stability and a place to store equipment whilst you paint.

Home Improvement

Boom lifts can also be used for home maintenance and repairs such as roof repairs. Similarly, they can be used for washing windows, especially on taller buildings. The main benefit of hiring a boom lift is that it makes working at height jobs safer and more efficient.

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