Get your Warehouse Ready for Winter

November 8th 2019

Preparing for winter is important; not only because of the effects the adverse weather can have on your business and property but also as the cold can impact a number of other things. It is always better to be prepared rather than be caught out due to the changing seasons. Without the right preparation you may find that you end up with more business downtime than necessary. In order to make sure that you are well prepared for winter there are a few things you can do to get your warehouse ready.


As the seasons change it is a good time to have an in depth clean of the entire warehouse. It is best to do this before the temperatures plummet, especially if you have any outdoor cleaning jobs to do; such as roof maintenance. Giving the warehouse a proper clean ahead of winter means you’ll be less likely to have to clean it constantly throughout; pay particular attention to giving the floors a good clean as through winter it is more likely that dirt and debris will be brought in. Hiring a hot water pressure washer is a great way to quickly wash the floors and ensure they are as clean as possible.


Before winter sets in you need to ensure you have heating solutions in place, the last thing you want is to be hit by unpredictable cold weather with no heating. There are various heating solutions for warehouses which can help fight against the chilly conditions and keep your business running smoothly. Without the right heaters for the winter you may find yourself having to suspend work as employees get ill or become demotivated.


Winter brings with it darker mornings and evenings; with daylight hours getting much shorter. As your employees are now going to be working whilst it is dark outside it is important you have the right lighting solutions to keep them working smoothly and ensure their safety in and outside the workplace. It is important if they are leaving and arriving at work in darkness that the outside of the warehouse is properly lit to avoid accidents; LED lighting is a great eco-friendly solution for extra winter lighting.

Health and Safety

Health and safety of workers is essential all year round but there are extra precautions needed for the winter months. Through winter make sure that all employees are wearing correct PPE as well as insulated jackets, non-slip gloves, waterproof boots and hats to keep warm and safe at work.

About the Author

Lauren King

Lauren works in our Ecommerce Team, with over 6 years of experience at HSS. She brings product knowledge and is able to give her advice on the right tool for the job no matter how big or small.

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