HSE Workplace Fatal Injuries Report 2019

September 26th 2019

The HSE Workplace Fatal Injuries Report 2019 details the number of fatal injuries to workers and the public in the workplace that were reported to the authorities in 2018/19. Thankfully, fatal injuries are rare, however it is important to address them and learn from them.

In 2018/19 there were 147 fatal injuries to workers; which is an increase of 6 from 2017/18. Of these 147 injuries, construction industry workers accounted for 20% of them. Health and safety is a big priority in the construction industry as working in potentially hazardous situations or with hazardous equipment can be common. 73% of the fatal injuries reported were amongst workers aged 16-59 and 27% of the fatal accidents were falls from height which is the largest proportion among those reported.

From 2013/14 – 2018/19 the trend in fatal injuries remains broadly flat and the number of fatal injuries to workers in construction is the lowest number on record but despite this it is still essential to have the right working at height solutions and follow the correct safety procedures.

Working at Height Solutions

Low Level Access

There are a variety of solutions for low level access; including towers and platforms. Having the correct low-level access equipment is essential to be able to perform tasks at height safely and efficiently. Using a low-level access platform is the perfect way to ensure safety whilst working at height but also provide a stable base for workers to be able to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Ladders and Steps

Various steps and ladders make good working at height solutions; however, they must be used with caution. The 2005 Work at Height Regulations state that ladders can be used however they should only be used to access a workplace not used as one. If they must be used as one, it can only be for short term work; for long term work proper access platforms should be used as they provide a more stable base. To ensure you are working safely at height, HSS Training has a series of Ladder courses which provide you with essential ladder training. To ensure the safety of workers and the public in the construction industry it is essential to stay up to date with training and ensure that health and safety is a priority within industry.

About the Author

Lauren King

Lauren works in our Ecommerce Team, with over 6 years of experience at HSS. She brings product knowledge and is able to give her advice on the right tool for the job no matter how big or small.

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