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Having enough storage is important in any industry, you need to be able to correctly store equipment, stock and documents among other things. There are various reasons you may need to hire extra storage solutions; moving to a new facility and need somewhere to store stock during the move? Short on warehouse space but can’t expand? Or, do you need to make room for new stock? Hiring a storage solution is a great way to gain a little extra space, and with secure options for valuable items it is a great way to free up a little space.

Storing Documents

In any business there is bound to be a collection of documents; a lot of which may be confidential. Businesses usually have to keep hold of documents for a long time before they can be destroyed, so the paperwork can quickly build up and take up room which could be otherwise utilised. If the documents are piling up, especially towards the end of the year, it could be wise to hire a storage facility to keep them in. Secure storage units can be used to store confidential documents, to free up warehouse space and keep documents secure.

Storage for Old Stock

In retail there is a constant influx of new stock which usually requires prime position in your warehouse. It can be difficult to accommodate this new stock when you have so much other stock already. Hiring a storage unit is a good solution for storing old stock that is due to be removed or that is not often used. This allows you to make room for new stock which is likely more important.

Storage for a Big Move

If you’re moving to a new location, you may begin receiving a lot of new and extra stock to take with you. If you are moving to a bigger location especially, you may not have space for this in your existing premises. Storage units can be used to keep all the new stock safe and secure without taking up valuable space.

Storage to Free Up Space

Storage facilities are also a good addition if you find you don’t quite have enough room in your warehouse for existing stock. Often, you may find you have a mass number of certain products which come in bulk. Rather than have them all in your warehouse taking up space, why not store the bulk items in a storage container and keep a few in the warehouse for easy access. This can help to free up so much more space for other products.

HSS OneCall can provide an array of storage solutions to suit a large number of storage needs.

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