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According to the Health and Safety Executive approximately 120,000 people were injured at work from manual handling incidents last year. Manual handling at work is one of the biggest causes of injury at work so it is important that all the necessary precautions be taken in order to avoid this. Lift stackers are ideal for manual handling jobs as they provide a safe and efficient way to complete necessary tasks. There are a variety of lift stackers, which lift different weights and extend to different heights; depending on your needs and requirements there will be one suitable for you. To ensure the highest level of safety for manual handling jobs it is important to make use of the right lift stacker for you. In order to do so you must first consider the jobs that will require a  lift stacker, then choose the best lift stacker for the job.

Genie Super Lift Advantage Lifter Stacker

The Genie Super Lift Advantage Lifter Stacker is suitable for a variety of warehouse work and onsite tasks including various manual handling jobs. It is ideal for work such as ducting and ventilation installation. Safety is a priority when it comes to manual handling as it can cause serious injury. The strong yet lightweight lift is a great solution to manual handling work.

295Kg Lifter Stacker

The safe working load for this lift is 295Kg, the lighter load means that the height of lift is higher. This lift is more suited to jobs which require a higher lift but lifting a lighter load. The height of lift for this lifter stacker is 7.6m.

363Kg Lifter Stacker

For slightly heavier safe working loads there is the 363Kg lifter stacker. This lift is more suited to slightly heavier loads when you do not require as much height. This lift has a height of lift of 4.6m, which means it is more suited to jobs which take place at a lower level.

454Kg Lifter Stacker

For the heavy loads which don’t require much height, the 454Kg lifter stacker is most appropriate. With a height of lift of 3.05m this lift can carry a significant increase in weight from the lower specification but can still reach a good height.

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