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The Perfect Working at Height Solution

August 22nd 2019

Working at height refers to any kind of labour which could result in injury from falling, whether it be at or above ground level. It is one of the main causes of major injuries in the UK. It is essential to have the correct equipment for working at height and to be sufficiently trained to ensure that you are taking all steps possible to guarantee worker safety. As working at height takes place across a number of different industries, HSS Hire provides an array of working at height solutions and training courses to suit all needs.

Working at height can be above ground, below ground and at ground level. Regulations have been designed to cover all “working at height” classifications. Statistically, more injuries occur when working at lower heights (between 0 and 6 metres) due to fewer precautions being taken- which the regulations aim to improve. It’s imperative when working at any height that all safety measures have been taken and you are using the most appropriate equipment for your task.

At HSS we pride ourselves on working with our suppliers to help provide access solutions that meet the needs of our customers. We worked with BoSS to develop their new low level access solution, the BoSS Pod Podium Step, helping to ensure it reached the latest BS8620:2016 standards. Sophie Ellam, Product Manager for BoSS, commented, ‘We surveyed over a hundred customers to develop the new podium; this valuable feedback ensured we built a safe and easy to use product that HSS can promote with confidence.’

Working closely with BoSS to produce a one-piece podium, moveable stabilisers were incorporated into the design enabling users to position the kit however they require, meaning it can fit into tighter spaces and get closer access to their work surfaces. The podium also saw the addition of saloon style gates, with an auto-close mechanism for enhanced safety, as well as a sleeve over the gate hinge to minimise finger-trap hazards.

The Boss Pod Podium Step is lightweight and compact which makes it the perfect working at height solution when it comes to low level access. In addition to being a safe and sturdy option for low level work, the Boss Podium Step has a compact and portable design which means it can easily be moved around through corridors and doorways for indoor work. Furthermore, its minimal footprint means that it is ideal for working in small and confined spaces.

Group Procurement and Marketing Director for HSS, Dave Raywood concluded: ‘Ensuring enhanced safety features on the kit we hire out to our customers is of the uppermost importance at HSS. We were delighted to work closely with BoSS to ensure the podium not only met regulation standards, but provided further health and safety features whilst making the product easy to use for our customers. Lightweight and compact, the BoSS Pod Podium Step is truly the perfect solution for working at low level height.’ 

Find out more about the BoSS Pod Podium Step and book yours today exclusively through HSS.

About the Author

Lauren King

Lauren works in our Ecommerce Team, with over 6 years of experience at HSS. She brings product knowledge and is able to give her advice on the right tool for the job no matter how big or small.

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