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Cooling Equipment to Hire

The heat will arrive soon! Be prepared and don't run the risk of being fan-less this Summer!

We've a range of cooling equipment to suit Office, Warehouse or any Commercial set-up.

Evaporative Cooler

This medium-sized evaporative cooler is practical, portable and is more than capable of keeping the office or other work space cool.


£119.00/ week

Air Con Unit

Keep the office, warehouse space and conference rooms cool this Summer with this sleek and modern air conditioning unit.


£119.00/ week

Turbo Fans

For cool comfort at home or in the office this cleverly designed fan out-performs most conventional models by up to 50%.


£25.00/ week

Power Fans

The power fan is a fully portable industrial cooler providing cooling in shops and offices this fan provides high performance cooling in both commercial and industrial applications.


£99.00/ week

Heavy-Duty Air Con

Ideal for maintaining comfort levels in halls and similarly large areas, this portable, heavy duty air conditioning unit delivers chilled air for cooling large rooms up to 60m².


£POA / week

Warehouse Fan

Producing massive airflow of 25,000m³ per hour, this belt driven electric fan produces a stream of cool air, to reduce temperatures in factories, warehouses and other large areas.


£149.00/ week