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RS PRO 250 mm Left Tin Snips for Cold Rolled Steel, Stainless Steel

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RS PRO Left Cut Aviation Snips Introducing left cut aviation snips from our trusted and reliable own brand RS PRO, a durable hand tool ideal for cutting sheet metal such as stainless steel and cold rolled steel. With the RS PRO left cut aviation snips, cold rolled steel and stainless steel can be cut or curved with the waste material being curled to the left for easy and safe disposal. Unlike many standard tin snips, RS PRO aviation snips feature a high-leverage design that assists with cutting, requiring minimal effort from the user. These compound snips feature chrome molybdenum blades that can cut through metal and other materials with ease, producing a clean cut. The soft grip handles offer enhanced comfort and control further assisting the required task. Features & Benefits: • Durable chrome molybdenum blades for clean and precise cutting • Soft grip handles for enhanced comfort and control • Perfect for cutting sheet metals such as stainless steel and cold rolled steel • High-leverage design requiring minimal effort • Colour coded to quickly identify the correct snip Applications: Aviation snips are a powerful hand tool perfect for cutting through tough materials such as cold rolled steel and stainless steel. The three most common types of tin snips available are straight cut, left cut and right cut. The direction does not refer to which hand they are best suited to, but to what side the waste material will be rolled up on. For example, straight cut snips allow you to cut through metal in a straight line to the length of the blade, whereas left cut allows you to cut straight or curved with the waste material to the left and right snips to the right. Common applications include: • Automotive repair • DIY • HVAC repair • Construction • Industrial Is this aviation snip straight, left or right cut? This aviation snip features a left cut, allowing you to cut through metals with the waste material curling off to the left, providing a straight and clean cut on the right. What material is this suitable for? This aviation snip is suitable for cold rolled steel of up to 1.2 mm and stainless steel of up to 0.9 mm. Are these suitable for cutting curves? This snip is ideal for cutting curves to the left, as well as straight lines.

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