RS PRO 250mm, Bastard, Rasp Cut, Flat Engineers File

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RS PRO Bastard Cut Flat Rasp File Bastard cut flat rasp files from our trusted and highly reliable own brand RS PRO offers excellent quality files ideal for filing and finishing both internal and external surfaces. RS PRO flat rasp hand tools can be used to shape and deburr a variety of soft materials such as soft metal, wood and leather. The bastard cut flat rasp file is also compatible with our range of ergonomic file handles for improved comfort and control. Features and benefits • Made with durable high carbon steel • Available in a range of sizes • Suitable for use with a variety of materials • Compatible with RS PRO ergonomic file handles • Bastard cut for fast removal of material and deburring Applications Engineers files and rasps are a type of hand tool designed to deburr, cut and shape a range of materials such as wood, metal, plastic and more. Flat, half-round, round, square and triangular files and rasps can be used in a variety of applications such as: • Workshops • Carpentry • Sculpting • DIY What material can this file be used with? Rasp files are ideal for use with softer materials such as wood as the coarseness of the file allows for material to be removed quickly and efficiently. What is the cut of the file? The RS PRO flat rasp file features a bastard cut, allowing for material to be removed quickly whilst leaving a smooth finish. How to maintain your file In order to ensure your files remain sharp and work to their full potential, it is essential to regularly clean and maintain them. A file card or wire brush are recommended as they can remove debris and build up between the teeth of a file efficiently, without damaging them.

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