RS PRO CR2032 Button Battery, 3V, 20mm Diameter

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Coin batteries must be kept out of reach of children. Consult a doctor immediately if swallowed.. RS Pro Lithium Button Batteries - CR Series . CR Series lithium manganese dioxide coin button batteries from RS Pro. These compact efficient power source batteries come in a pack of 5 and the range is available in a variety of different sizes and capacity option to suit your application. These non-rechargeable batteries are ideal for small electronic devices such as cameras and watches and have a longer lasting life than alkaline equivalents. These small, round and slim batteries are normally used on their own but with their less self-discharge, they are able to hold their charge for longer periods of time. Series includes the following: ; 866-0653 866-0653 - CR1220 ; 866-0657 866-0657 - CR1616 ; 866-0666 866-0666 - CR1620 ; 866-0669 866-0669 - CR2016 ; 866-0663 866-0663 - CR2025 ; 866-0675 866-0675 - CR2430 ; 866-0679 866-0679 - CR2450. Features and Benefits: . These CR batteries feature lithium chemistry, which has a high energy density Non-Rechargeable Wide operating temperature range The self-discharge on this range of coin cells is low, giving them an excellent shelf life Suited to intermittent high load applications They have excellent reliability and a high capacity. Typical Applications . Lithium manganese dioxide coin batteries are used in electronic devices that require a small, compact source of power. Example applications include: Calculators Car keys Toys Cameras / film equipment Watches Hearing aids. Guidance . Always install the batteries correctly as per instruction Ensure that the contact points are clean and conductive Do not mix different types of battery Do not heat or attempt to recharge the battery Do not dispose of in a fire

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