RS PRO ESD Earth Bonding Plug With 10 mm Stud x 3

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RS PRO earth bonding plugs suitable to fit UK 13A sockets. Options available include: 392-157 - UK antistatic earth bonding plug 287-7537 - UK earth bonding plug, 1x10 mm stud 298-3890 - UK earth bond plug, 1x10mm stud 2 x banana sockets 298-3884 - UK earth bonding plug, 2x2BA post 298-3878 - UK earth bonding plug, 3x10 mm stud The Earth Bonding Point (EBP) plug is designed to provide a common ground point for grounding using protective earth in an ESD protected area (EPA). The plug fits into the mains supply socket, making a connection with the earth conductor only. In place of the live and neutral pins are moulded insulating plastic pins to allow positive location in the socket. Connectors on the front of the plug are available for connection via ground cords to the various elements of the EPA. RS PRO have a great range of ESD grounding accessories including bonding plugs, bonding boxes, bonding brackets, sockets and cords plus many more to help eliminate the build up of static discharge which can be a risk to static sensitive components or devices.

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