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RS PRO Fahrenheit/Centigrade Dial Clip On Dry Temperature Gauge, Suitable For Boiler Pipe Work, Process Pipeline,

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RS PRO Clip-on Pipe Thermometer Temperature Gauge The principle of how Temperature Gauge work is around the idea of using two different bimetallic strips (usually steel and copper or steel and brass). When the strip is heated, the metal is bending in a Thermometer, and the opposite is happening when the strip is getting colder. Therefore, the movement of the pieces correlates to the temperature indicating on a scale. The credit of this discovery goes to English Gentleman John Harrison in the 18th century. Even though the possibilities and technologies are constantly evolving, his findings are still valid. The Temperature Gauge is a simple, inexpensive and durable device to display the temperature of the surrounding atmosphere or an object. The Temperature Gauges found their place in many industries, such as heating and ventilation, refrigeration industry, process manufacturing or process pipelines. There are many types of Temperature Gauge available on the current market. Some of them include magnetic thermometers (use with radiators), probe thermometers (use for food and gases) or clip Thermometers ideal for measuring the temperature of heating and water pipes. We are proudly introducing our own branded RS PRO Clip-on Pipe Temperature Gauge, which does not require any drilling to the pipework. This 66 mm diameter Thermometer with bi-metallic movement and glass window cover indicates the surface temperature of pipework for applications, such as boiler pipework or radiators. The Gauge scale oscillates between 0°C up to 120°C where the case material is steel. Features and Benefits The Gauge is 66 mm centigrade dial Clip-on Pipe Thermometer with bi-metal movement No need to drill pipework Glass window with steel cover Temperature Sensitive Range oscillates between 0°C up to 120°C The Gauge is suitable for various applications Accuracy class 2.0 Applications The Temperature Gauge with a diverse range of industries across multiple sectors make them mandatory, particularly in: Oil & Gas Energy (Power transmission and distribution) Machine building and automation Heating, ventilation and air handling Food & Beverage Refinery Pharmaceuticals Hydraulic Paper Chemical and Petrochemical Industry Semiconductors Industry Frequently asked questions What to look out for when reading Gauge Thermometer? The dial Thermometer contains a wealth of information, such as: 1. The Pointer indicates the temperature currently prevailing. 2. On display, we have information about the units measuring (PSI, °F, °C). 3. The accuracy class is either 1 or 2, and they depend on the scale spectrum defined error limits. 4. Dial Thermometers differentiate between scale range and measuring range. Why RS PRO? RS Pro is our family brand to go-to and brings you a wide range of high-quality and high-value products to support your project. Trusted by engineers all over the world, every part of every RS PRO product is always rigorously tested against demanding industry standards. We are only giving the RS PRO seal of approval if were confident of their exceptional quality, which means you can be convinced too.

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