RS PRO Floodlight, 70 W, 6300 lm, IP65 220 → 240 V ac

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RS PRO LED Floodlight, 70 W Introducing the range of RS PRO Frameless LED Floodlights, suitable for replacing halogen floodlights. The RS PRO floodlight has a frameless and slimline design, making it a compact and effective floodlight, without the bulk. The lightweight housing is made from durable aluminium and toughened glass for use in extreme environments like the elements of the outdoors. The light output of 6300 lm (lumen) makes it a super versatile floodlight for large spaces like construction areas, car parks and gardens, while the range of floodlights are available as standard or PIR sensor units for additional flexibility dependant on your needs. Features and Benefits: This RS PRO LED floodlight has an ultra slimline and compact body for an aesthetically pleasing look without taking up a lot of space when installed The floodlight is made from aluminium and toughened glass to make it lightweight, but durable enough to withstand a variety of harsh environments The 115° beam angle ensures that the 6300 lm output light reaches a good distance with even light distribution The adjustable bracket has three pre-cut mounting holes so that the installation is quick and easy for added convenience The LED bulbs offer a 4000K colour temperature which translates to a cool white light An LED luminaire offers up to 90% more energy efficiency than traditional Halogen or incandescent bulbs Ideal for industrial and commercial applications, as well as home use Suitable for outdoor use Applications: Floodlights are lighting units that are often used to illuminate outdoor areas such as sports courts, carparks and construction areas to create well-lit areas when in use after dark or in poor visibility conditions. The most common types of floodlights are powered by LEDs due to the more energy-efficient nature of the bulbs, as well as lower maintenance costs in comparison to standard halogen or incandescent floodlights. Often, floodlights can feature motion-sensing technology to allow the light to be turned on when motion is detected and can act as an easy security measure or deterrent. Most commonly, floodlights can be found: Warehouses Car Parks Walkways Construction areas Parks and gardens Home security How much power do LED’s use? LEDs are much more efficient as converting energy into light and therefore use on average 90% less power than standard light bulbs, which in turn saves the user money How long do LED’s last for? A high-quality and well-built LED light should be able to last up to 50,000 hours while offering the benefit of less maintenance Why RS PRO? RS PRO is our own brand range and brings you a wide range of high-quality, great value products offering you more choice. Trusted by engineers all over the world, every part of every RS PRO product has been rigorously tested against demanding industry standards they’re only given the RS PRO seal of approval if we’re confident of their exceptional quality, which means you can be confident too.

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