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RS PRO HSS M4 Spiral Point Threading Tap, 53 mm Length

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From the trusted RS PRO brand, this spiral point tap is ideal for cutting and drilling in machine applications. It can be used for machine tapping in a first instance before a spiral flute tap as more robust cutting implement, and is generally sturdier than a bottoming thread. Features and Benefits • Precision HSS tap for machine tapping • Can be used for hand tapping without need of a lead tap. • Designed with a straight flute supplemented by an angular cutting point leaves the flutes clear of swarf for free coolant flow. • Blue steam tempered finish reduces friction and produces a fine finish thread Application Tap sets are ideal for cutting thread (tapping) into materials, to create a clean fitting for bolts and other materials whereas drill sets are perfect for DIY projects that require a hole to be driven into a surface or material. Tap & drill sets combine the two, creating a versatile set that can be used in a wide range of applications. Tap & drill sets are used with hand tools and power tools such as tap wrenches and drills to achieve maximum torque and control. They are widely used in applications such as: • Construction • DIY • Plumbing • Workshops • Renovations Should I lubricate the tap? It is recommended that lubrication is regularly applied to the tap when in use, to allow for friction-free threading with precision. This will ensure that a clean thread is achieved with minimal damage. What are the advantages of High-Speed Steel? High-speed steel, or HSS, is a great all-round material that’s durable enough to withstand most cutting applications. It presents a more cost-effective alternative to carbide tools, but has a lower speed range. Why RS PRO? RS PRO aims to be your go-to brand for reliability and value for money. We source high-quality parts at great prices and test everything with our in-house experts to ensure the quality you need. When it comes to tools, we know that versatility and dependability are what you need. As such, we stock a variety of mainstay and specialist tools to suit any application. Whether you're a professional electrician, plumber, builder or DIY enthusiast, RS PRO is here to support you.

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