RS PRO, M5 Brass Threaded Insert diameter 6.4mm Depth 9.35mm - 100 Pack - HSS Hire

RS PRO, M5 Brass Threaded Insert diameter 6.4mm Depth 9.35mm

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RS PRO range of expansion inserts which are suitable for use with most plastic materials, using either through or blind holes. These threaded inserts feature a knurled outer diameter with expansion slots that prevent rotation or loosening due to vibration and ensures consistent self-locking pressure on the fixing screws. Threaded inserts are designed to be placed into existing holes to provide a threaded receptacle so that screws, bolts or other fixings can be installed. RS PRO have a great range of threaded inserts made from various materials including brass and steel with zinc plated finishes. Options include: Threaded Inserts available with Flush Head 278-534 - Insert M3 flush 278-540 - Insert M3.5 flush 278-556 - Insert M4 flush 278-562 - Insert M5 flush 278-578 - Insert M6 flush Threaded Inserts available with Flange Head 278-584 - Insert M3 flange 278-590 - Insert M3.5 flange 278-607 - Insert M4 flange 278-613 - Insert M5 flange 278-629 - Insert M6 flange

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