RS PRO Nylon Hex Standoff Female/Female, 15mm, M3 x M3 - Pack of 50 - HSS Hire

RS PRO Nylon Hex Standoff Female/Female, 15mm, M3 x M3

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Spacers have same thread size at both ends.. RS Pro Insulated Threaded Standoffs. From RS Pro a range of high-quality standoffs made from solid nylon or with metal threaded inserts and a nylon insulation material. These versatile standoffs are designed to mount and secure your PCB as well as elevating your PCB from other components such as the inside of a computer chassis or another PCB, similar to spacers. They are also ideal for improving airflow space around components when the equipment becomes hot. These stand-offs are available in a range of different heights and threads sizes to suit a wide range of applications. What are Threaded Standoffs ? Stand-offs are used to separate a PCB by a set distance from other components or a baseboard serving a similar function as spacers. These standoffs are available with a female-female or male-female configuration to suit a wide range of PCB applications. The female-female has an internal thread either end. The male-female has an internal thread one end and an external threaded stud the other to enable components to be joined together. Features and Benefits Versatile and easy to fit Can be screwed into place and removed manually Hexagonal shaped versions can be tighted using a wrench Lock PCB securely into place Nylon insulation material reduces the risk of electrical short circuits and is also lightweight and durable. It also has good resistance to corrosive substances Versions with nickel plated brass threaded inserts for resistance to corrosion Questions and Answers How do these Standoffs Fit Together? The correct size standoff is selected and inserted into or aligned with pre-drilled holes in the PCB. A metric screw or a nut is then fastened onto or into the thread of the standoff to lock and hold it securely in place. The nuts and screws can be released and retightened as required. A male standoff can be screwed into a female standoff providing the threads are the same size. Where are these Standoffs used? These standoffs are used in various electronic applications for creating spacing between individual PCBs where they act as spacers and to separate PCB boards from other components. These applications range from consumer electronics and office machinery to datacoms and telecommunications equipment.

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