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RS PRO Steel Pliers Flat Nose Pliers, 160 mm Overall Length

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RS PRO Flat Nose Pliers Introducing flat nose pliers from our trusted and reliable own brand RS PRO, a highly durable hand tool ideal for use with a range of applications such as mechanical, jewellery making and electrical. These pliers feature durable serrated jaws to allow for wire and flat metal to be bent, twisted and manipulated with precision, whilst maintaining a secure grip of the material. RS PRO flat nose pliers also feature ergonomic soft grip handles for enhanced comfort and control. Features and benefits • Ergonomic grip for improved grip and control • Serrated gripping jaws for enhanced grip on smooth flat materials • Manufactured using special tool steel for extended life • Single-joint fixture for ease of use • Suitable for a range of tasks such as electrical, jewellery making, mechanical and more Applications Flat nose pliers are the perfect hand tool used to create right angles and bends when working with materials such as wire and metal. Flat nose pliers are ideal for wire work, beading and jewellery making and are commonly used by electricians, jewellery designers, mechanics, artists and more. Many flat nose pliers feature soft grip handles that allow the user to grip and manipulate small materials with precision. What is the joint of the plier? RS PRO flat nose pliers with a serrated edge feature a single-joint with each jaw being milled half way and laid into each other. This provides a secure connection and improved stability. What materials can these pliers be used with? These durable pliers are ideal for use with wire and metals as they can easily bend, twist and even straighten tough materials. What is the length of the jaw? RS PRO flat nose pliers feature 50 mm non-serrated jaws, allowing you to grip and bend materials without cutting through or damaging.

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